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meccanoble - October 31

Ok well, me and my girlfriend had unprotected s_x for 5 min on the 20th of oct. I didnt ejaculate, I couldnt feel any prec_m, My question is she's 4 days late, have been getting many signs of her getting her period like as cramping, feeling bloated, and has gotten false signs that it did come but when she checked it didnt. She took a Test on the 4th day. It was an E.P.T. Test it came up NEG. Now she was also stressing before her period day, she had exams and was working out all in the same time. Is there anything i should worry about, She doesnt seem to have any pregnancy signs just her normal signs of getting her period. She wants to take another test a week later if she doesnt get it. Is this a change in her cycle? is she going to skip a month? should I worry? Please help.


Viv - October 31

You had a quick dip 7 days before her period was due. Under normal circ_mstances that would have been after her egg for the month was no longer viable. The stress from exams and the effects of workouts could affect the situation. If she has only recently become s_xually active, that too can cause stress. In the absence of any symptoms unrelated to PMS, I would not be too concerned. Leave a week between hpt tests. Use two different methods of contraception together for maximun safety.


Meccanoble - November 1

Ok she got her period yesterday oct.31. She says its a bit heaver and her stomach hurts a bit more than her usual period. Is there anything i should be concern about. Her friends are saying she had a miscarage, Idk how thats possible, but im sure theres nothing to worry about since she was only 4 days late and on her 5th day she got it, im guessing also shes a bit heavier due to the fact she was a few days late. Is there any concern I should have? she felt a bit dizzy but she said thats due to more blood that came out but once she ate something she felt fine. Note she was on an empty stomach since she ate. So is there anything i should be concern about?


E - November 1

Feeling worried can cause symptoms in and of itself. My guess is that if you did not ejaculate in her, it is highly unlikely that she was pregnant. She has a period and it is heavy b/c it was late. Worrying likely caused it to be late. Good luck and I hope she feels better.


meccanoble - November 1

Thanks man! that made me feel much better, yeah she was crying yesterday morning so she was a nervous wreck, she checked herself saw a little bit of blood and knew it was comming. within 20min it came. Everything looks to be ok. I dont want her silly friends to get her shaken up again. No i didnt ejaculate in her. Im glad she got it. So im guessing theres nothing to worry about then.



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