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G - December 20

Hi, This is my fourth month TTC. This month, my husband and I decided to purchase an ovulation kit (the strips). Anyway, I got a really light line for most of the days(which they say means you are not ovulating yet). On day 11-12 of my cycle (which varies month to month) I had a significantly darker line than the other days (but still not as dark as the reference line), Today I took another strip test and there was a line, which was barely visible(could hardly even see it). Does this mean that I have already ovulated (on the days where the line was darker), we did have intercourse on those days just in case. I also noticed that I have not had that much cervical mucous, except for around cycle days 8-10????? Please give me your opinion/advice. Thanks!!!!!


S - December 20

Hi G! We have been TTC for 6 mths now, The first time I used the strips I had almost the same thing happen. I was so confused about when I ovulated and then the strips confused me even more. I had the same type of readings I didnt have very much cervical mucous either. I read that taking Robitussin cough medicine helped with the cervical mucous. I dont know if this had anything to do with the test, but I continued to use the strips, and used the cough medicine for my next cycle, I had so much discharge and I got a positive reading on the strip when i tested. Like I said I dont know if it had anything to do with the test. But it gave me a positive reading. Sorry I couldnt be much more help. S


jb - December 20

dear G, my doctor told me that i would ovulate around the 15th and thank god i started doing opk as soon as af was over (af started on dec.1) and ended on dec.5th ,normal time.and i have a 28 day cycle i started testing on dec.6th and no lines ,i continued testing and on the dec.10, there were two lines, both were light purple. (i did artifical insemination) i ordered the sperm that night and it arrived on dec.11 , i took a opk and the lines were dark purple so i inseminated that day at 2 pm. i was told that when cm (egg whitish) was present , to do it . so i did and now im in the waiting game. i am supposed to start af on dec.28. hoope she stays far away. ( i am having some preg. symptoms) sore b___st since 17th ga__sy , bloated , and one session of feeling sick to my stomach. and today it feels like someone is sticking their finger in my belly b___ton!!!


Grandpa Viv - December 20

The mucus is one of the best signs for timing. It comes in the days leading up to and including ovulation. The highest chance of impregnantion is the day before ovualtion, which in your case was prob the 10th. Remember that sperm live up to 5 days, and eggs only 1 day



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