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angela1986 - June 15

Alright last month on the 17th af came to visit...which is right around when she normally does,so of course i wouldnt think anything of it...but it only lasted 2 days,very unusual for me its typically 5-6 days. So last monday i decided to test bfn! Once again,so i figured i'd test again if af didnt come this coming up weekend. She came though early,very early and i'm still having symptoms....any thoughts?


angela1986 - June 16

Thanks so much....i was just hoping to actually have regular periods for once....i got on the depo shot 3 years ago,then got off it a year later,and got back on the year after,and now im off again. Everything seemed to be normal unitl last month and now this month. Have you experiened any problems after youve gotten off birth control?


soimpatient - June 16

Take a test.


angela1986 - June 17

I did last monday and BFN...i dont think i can handle seeing another...i was hoping for the third time to be a charm and when it wasnt i lost it.....but im still having some symptoms and af is sticking around longer this month...very unusual compared to last month.


Rhonda - June 17

Maybe you tested too early or your one of the women that hpt dose,nt work for.Or it could be a hormone spurt.Either way you should see a dr.


angela1986 - June 17

Yeah i figured as much,i just dont want to go to the doctors again...but i guess i have to


angela1986 - June 18

So the past 2 days have been hell...i get so nauseated to where im going to throw up. About 2 in a half weeks ago the nausea started and this past week seems like its getting worse. The kicker though is AF came this month...so i think i'll wait until she leaves and test again,is it possible to get a negative while on your period but still be pregnant? I'll stay strong a few more days then i think ill test. Baby dust to all,and good luck!


angela1986 - June 22

So i havent taken a test yet...still too scared. My period this month was right back to normal though,whats going on 2 days last month now normal. Has anyone ever experienced this? I still have some nausea,my s_x drive has like went into overdrive...is that a symptom? Can you ladies fill me in on all you basic and unusual symptoms you had,thanks


angela1986 - June 22

Please i could use some advice,from anyone. I just want to make sure im not obssesing about this


Grandpa Viv - June 22

Angel, how long ago did you get off the second round of Depo? Your sustem may still be reacting. Good luck!


angela1986 - June 22

I started in 2003,then i got off it in 2004,then got back on in 2005,and got off it for the last time in july of 05. Almost exactly a year ago.


sarahd - June 22

Hi there, My friend took Depo, and after she came off it she didn't get a period for about 3-4 months, then she bled for a month straight! Depo can do crazy things to your body...


angela1986 - June 22

Yeah thats what ive heard and the first like 5 months that i was off i had some symptoms then. So i got on a website and got more info,it said that like 85% of women get pregnant 12-18 months after the depo. Next month will be a year since ive been off so i was wondering if maybe it happened earlier.....


angela1986 - June 24

Just to cover the basics,last month af came around the time she usually does but only stuck around 2 days and typically i bleed for 5-6 days. So i tested on 6/12 bfn. Then af came this month early and stuck around for 4 days. I would put it off as me getting off the depo but its been almost a year and my periods are relativly normal. About 2 1/2 to 3 weeks ago i started experiencing nausea,and it seemed to get a littl worse everyday,some days i could eat,other everything i looked at repulsed me. Im still like that now and ive been quite tired,more than usual because i dont do that much throughout the day,lower back pain,and weird and possible tmi but 2 weeks ago me and my bf went to have s_x and we had to stop because it hurt so bad,the next day im fine and havent had any other pain like that,last week we went to have s_x and we had to stop because i thought i was going to throw up on him,not to mention my s_x drive had increased rapidly and usually im up for s_x but not like this much. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem or prehaps your expericeing any of this.


ailleanach - June 24

Angela, I would counsel you to see your healthcare provider. What you're describing could be many things. Something unrelated to pregnancy could be making you sick. You could have a potentially very dangerous tubal pregnancy. It's always possible you really are pregnant, too. Sometimes only a blood test will show. Not all women make the type of HCG detected by HPTs. Don't play around with your health, though. We try to connect every thing to pregnancy when ttc, but careful not to overlook other signs your body gives you that things aren't exactly normal. Babydust to you.


angela1986 - June 24

Thanks so much,your right. I'll finally have to break down and go back again. Ladies feel free to still give any advice you have,Baby dust to all!!



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