I Need Some Encouragement Ladies

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Laura - March 18

Hello Ladies- So glad I found this site and I am so in need of some understanding and encouragement right now! On February 19th, I began having intense nasuea out of the blue. It continued 24/7 and I was miserable. This was followed with gas out both ends, (embarassing!) heartburn, lower back pain, extreme fatigue, emotional roller coaster, AND of course to top it off my br___ts have grown a half size, blue veins everywhere, dark areolas (sp?) and they continue to grow! AF was due March 2, came and only lasted two days. I have been on the Pill so it was a very off period for me- they are always regular. I KNOW I am pregnant- but I am SO SICK OF DOCTORS TELLING ME I SHOULD TAKE AN ANTACID. Good grief!!!!!! There was a woman who posted on this site a few weeks back about getting a sensitive blood test done and her doctor telling her, your HCG is below 5, there' s no way you're pregnant. She said, but my br___ts have grown a full size! A couple weeks later she tested positive. Anyone remember this post? I want to read it again. If you are the woman who wrote it, please send me some encouragement! :) Even my own doctor told me that with BOTH her children she did not test positive until 3 months! And here she is prescribing an antacid.........I know my body, and I know I am pregnant. I have never felt anything like this in all of my life. I just know!!!!


lindt - March 18

Hi laura, trust yourself and your body. If you think you are pregnant, why not wait for a while more and do the test again? Otherwise, possible to do an ultrasound scan? For my last pregnancy, i only have positive result on the 8th week. Im puzzled with my body, as before that, i did several tests but they all came out negative. And because of the negative result, i asked the doctor for hormonal pills to induce my af. Anyway, af never came. Lucky for me, my baby was safe and i delivered last Jun. Now, my af was overdue 2 weeks. But preg test still show neg. I'm patiently waiting for baby dust to fall on me again. : ) Lastly, i wish you luck.



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