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WELL I HAD SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME ON TUESDAY AND WE had un protected s_x but he said he didnt c_m in me and that he pulled out but whats pre c_m ???????????can that make me pregnant ????and how am i gonna tell my mom??she always told me if i EVER GOT PREGNANT THAT SHE WOULD THROW ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!IM SOOOOOOO SCARED CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chriss - May 5

Anjulina, Firstly I'm very sorry to hear that you've decided to have s_x without using protection. I'm sure that everyone has preached this to you, but it is REALLY important, not only can you get pregnant, but you may catch a desease that could possibly change/end your life. It is very important to use protection. Now that the preaching is out of the way, of course there is a possiblity that you can get pregnant with pre-ejaculation (c_m) ALOT of guys sperm can actually be found in this. Just for your info there are certain days in your period that are considered "safe" although this does not mean that you can have unprotected s_x without getting pregnant, it just means that the chances are less to become pregnant. If your menstrual cycle is 28-30 days and is regular than you may be ovulating around days 12 - 16 of your cycle, so the days that you should NOT be having s_x if you don't want to be pregnant are likely days 10 - 18 or 19. AGAIN this doesn't give you free ticket to have unprotected s_x because this doesn't always work. I'm sorry to scare you and I don't mean to be rude, but you SHOULD be scared, you made a bad judgement call and now you are suffering for it. You should definately tell your mother though, all mothers say those things to their little girls to scare them and since you didn't listen the threat was pointless, but she should still know that you are s_xually active so that she can help you get protection. It is important!!! Good luck and I hope everything works out for the best.



what do you mean by there are certain days in my period that are consitered ''SAFE''????????????


Lesley - May 5

Anjulina, When I first got pg I was 17. My parents were really upset with me and they told me that there is nothing that we can do about it now. Thing happen for a reason. You have to take them as they come. You have to be a grown up now and tell your mother you are pg and than give her time to think about things and try to talk to her again. Hopefully she will come around. I was really glad that my parents were ther for me and suport me. My mother even hoped my watching my daughter so I could finish highschool. I was a single teenage mother and the father left. Now I have a highschool dipolma and college certificate. I also have 2 jobs a great, husband and 4 girls. This is the time that is scary. But get hope as soon as you can with your pg. The best time to tell your mother is as soon as possible. Good luck with everything.


Chriss - May 5

Anjulina, as I said there are NO truly safe days so you cannot use this as a birth control method, I must stress the importance of using PROTECTION!!! If you are going to have s_x, then please protect yourself. When I say "safe" days I mean any days other than the ones I've list so typically days 1-7or 8 (day one meaning the first day of your period) and the last week so days 22-30. AGAIN, this is not foolproof, there are many reports of women getting pregnant when they had s_x while on their period, so ALWAYS use protection, if you care about yourself and/or your partner, having s_x without protection wouldn't be an option. and talk to your mother please, she may be upset at first, but in the end she will be grateful that you went to her, provided you have a semi normal relationship (even though these don't really exist)


to Anjulina - May 5

Not all mothers say that to their 'little girls', and maybe this mother is serious.I'm sorry your first time is now ruined by all this fear.Hopefully, everything will be okay and then you can put this episode behind you and think again about what you're doing. If he was a virgin then you're not likely to have caught any disease (but you could still get pregnant).If he has a huge following of young ladies hopping into bed with him it's different. I'd say go see a doctor and have yourself checked out. If you don't get a period when you are due, you should test. Like Chriss said, it depends on when you had s_x on how high your risk was. I wish you lots of luck but luck is not the answer for the future. U need to decide if having s_x is worth all this trouble. In many countries its illegal at this age for a reason.


Chriss - May 5

I'm very so Anjulina maybe I shouldn't have said that "all mothers say this to their little girls" Mine did, so I just a__sumed that most did. I was trying to lessen your fear of going to speak with your mother. My advice still stands though. Every women has a first time whether or not it was special is a whole other story, just given the fact that you now have to worry about whether or not you are pregnant has probably dampened the whole experience for you anyway. I wish you tons of luck and hope that everything turns out the way you want it to. Take care of yourself.



ummm do you think if i take a pregnancy test now it would work????and if sooo what is the best test to buy ???and i have a sister (older) do you think i should tell her first ??????she had her baby at 17 and thank you sooooooooo much for your good edvice im really happy you helped ma sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - May 5

Follow the Grandpa Viv link at http://www.ppowb.org for a page of good information and links.


cree/anjulina - May 7

im really sorry your pregnant! and you know you never know theres a good chance i am pregnant but a good 1 im not eather but girl im scared and i really should go to the doctor but i really dont wanna go alone and i dont want n-e one to know but sometimes i feel i should tell my older sister but you know how it is !!! but all i can say is i wish you the best of luck in your life and your babys toooo!!


M - May 8

You would not be able to tell if you are pregant right now or not. It is way tooo early. It has not even been a week. Just relax untill you miss your period. When are you due for it? (period)


when im gonna get my period - May 10

i should get my period in a week



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