I Need You Girls

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kaylas mom - July 12

hey it is me again. Look today after 9 days af shows up very very light. now i do not know what to do. it is not even strong enought to use a tampon. what do you think it is


sarahd - July 12

If your af doesn't get any heavier or goes away, I would keep testing!!!


Rhonda - July 12

Yes it could be a symptom of pregnancy,good luck to you.


kaylas mom - July 12

no such luck... it is here and i am so disappointed. me and dh are going to have s_x everyday this month so maybe next month.


AllEyesOnMe - July 13

well if it is very light you could possibly be pregnant.


LN030905 - July 13

Man, Im sorry Kaylasmom..It sucks so bad..its like each month that goes by without being preg takes a junk outta ur heart....it really bites. Best of luck next month!


LN030905 - July 13

takes out a junk...huh, LOL..thats supposed to b a chunk! LOL!


kristina1980 - July 13

Kaylas MOm, Try to think positive. I know it's hard. My AF showed up to and I hoped so much. I was 5 days late. I was pregnant once with my current boyfriend, but we didn't keep it. (felt too young, not ready....) Now I think that I am being punished. I am TTC for 3-4 months which isn't that bad. I feel down too, but it doesn't help. On the other hand I try to keep my self as busy as possible and trying not to think of having s_x as a job. I wish you good luck next month. Looks like our AF will be due in similar dates. Talk to you later.


Angel07 - July 13

Hi Kaylas mom & Kristina, sorry to hear about your news.... But on the positive side, hopefully all the "practise" will eventually pay off. Good luck for next month. Keep them spirits high....


LN030905 - July 13

Hey Kristina..I was in a similar situation but I just want you to know that all this is in Gods hands and he doesnt punish like that. No worries..he just knows when the perfect time and pefect baby is and he wants that for u!!! It will happen for ya!!



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