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steeler fan - November 16

I have irregular cycles, but this one seems to be even more irregular. I had my last period on Oct. 9th, had unprotected s_x on Oct. 17th, had some brown discharge on Oct. 21st. I thought I was ovulating on November 2nd (slippery clear discharge). I have yet to have my period. It's been 39 days since the last one which seems especially long to me. My prior 2 periods were 35 days and 25 days apart. Oh what a confused body I have. I guess what i'm wondering is, could I have gotten pregnant 8 days after my peiod began? Was my discharge really me ovulating or was it hormones gone wild due to pregnancy? Your comments are very much appreciated. Thanks


a - November 16

If you ovulate on Nov 2nd, your period should start soon. So I think if you don't get your period before the end of this week, you should have a hpt done.


Jessica - November 16

I know how it feels to have this problem. I wen to my gyno dr. and she told me that I have this syndrom called polycystic ovarian syndrom. They way you know that you possibly have it is that you have very irregular periods and you have the upcoming symptoms of your period. but you should make sure that you don't have it because it also not lets you get pregnant.


Kathy - November 16

I had the same problem last month too....I had my period on October 1-7 then on Oct 16, I had a brown discharge just spotting and it lasted for a week then it turned light pink for 2 days....I made an appt. with my obgyn cuz I was so worried and she said that I could be pregnant....She gave me prenatal vitamins....Until now I havent got my period yet so Im hopin Im preggy already.......


steeler fan - November 16

Thanks Jessica, I will look up Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to see if I have those symptoms. It could very well be that my periods are just more irregular than I thought since i've only been tracking them on a calendar now for 3 months. I'm trying to be optimistic. If I do have P.O.S., i'm very fortunate that I already have a beautiful little girl and a little boy. Thanks so much for your response.


steeler fan - November 16

Kathy- Your symptoms sound very much like my pregnancy with my daughter. Yours sound like implantation bleeding. Best of luck to you!


kathy - November 19

Steeler Fan - I just had a preg test this morning and it came out negative....i was so disappointed.....All along I thought I was pregnant.....What could have been that cause the brown discharge?????


Jenna - November 19

Im going through the same thing. I always had a regular 28 day cycle. I miscarried in July, and ever since ive been on 25-33 day cycles. Its rediculous! I had the same discharge and its very confusing to not know your body. I suggest going to the gyno, getting a pap to see if anything is up, and suggesting some lo hormone BC to even out and see if that helps.


angela - November 20

It is probably just spotting, sometimes instead of a period or between periods you can have spotting, it is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy. It can also happen when you get off the pill or even some birth control pills cause it. I have had that when I switched pills.



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