I Promised I Would Get Back On And Give An Update

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Denise - October 27

I promised some of you I would let you know what happens...... I had every symptom practically out there...bloated,burping,stuffy nose, 16 days late ( had "implantation" brown spotting" just over two weeks ago,right when I should have for 1 1/2 days), was sick to my stomache/smells/food/ even vomited a few times,dizzy, blurry vision at times, headaches,my br___t were so so sore and swollen they just killed to even bump, blue veins,areolas were changing/wider/darker ,(not something you can imagine up or create, husband even noticed), tons of mucus discharge, can't fit in my normal clothes that (which is weird for me), cervix was up and BBT was up............all to to say something you won't want to hear.. the tests were right, I was wrong......I woke up in the middle of the night in horrible pain with cramps and went to the rest room to find I had started my period..........it is very heavy today and I feel horrible. My poor husband........anyway, I know this is not good news Believe me !! But I promised I would let you know and many of us don't keep that promise. The strange part is today.. I am still dizzy, blurry, nauses, and even my br___t still hurt and look different( although not as bad)......The best advice I can give at this point is treat your body like you are, as far as eating good, vitamins, no alchohol etc....and PRAY,PRAY,PRAY !!! Good luck to all of you , there is still hope your out come is better then mine..........God Bless !!!


lola - October 27

I am sorry to hear that, I will keep my fingers crossed for you, good luck


m - October 27

Denise, I am sorry to say this, but this doesn't sound like you got your period, as much as it sounds like you could be miscarrying. OR you could just be having some bleeding. Please go see your doc. This happened to me. They tested my blood. It was positive for hcg, so I was pregnant, but having a miscarriage... 2 times. There will probably still be hcg in your blood even if you are miscarrying, so you will at least know that you were pregnant. Not much comfort, but at least you know that your body IS changing because of that.


Denise - October 27

Thank You.... It is tapering off and my pg symptoms are still there today, which is weird to me. You know how... after you start a period, your b___st stop hurting?? But they still do...So stressful and so wierd, but yes, having a miscarriage has crossed my mind. I have had one before, but it had to be DnC'd....I feel shaky and dizzy and even nauses at times......other times I have cramps and feel achy.......anyway, thank you... I am trying to get in touch with the dr.


MissChappy - October 27

That happened to me for my 1st...and I was still pregnant!!! Don't lose hope yet...my sis also had a period for 3 of the 9 mths she was preg!! Take note as to whether or not it was a normal period or not...my sis had 2 short and 1 that was so dark it was almost black. Hope everything works out for u!!


Denise - October 27

I can't tell you after all this time how excited I would be if I was, if there was still hope.... God bless you for your support. It is pretty normal this time though...red and quiet a bit....does that sound like there is any possibilty ?? the only strange thing is my b___sts still hurt, which seems weird.........Thanks again


Daile - October 28

Denise, I'm sorry things didn't turn out the way you wanted them to. But remember, you can always try next month!


Kris - October 28

I am sorry to hear that Denise. I thought I was pregnant too because I was late but I wook up yesterday morning and I had started too. I had most of the signs and everything. I wish you best of luck. I have been trying for almost 5 months now so I hope it will happen soon. It took a year with me son. I will pray for the both of us.


Denise - October 28

Kris, Thank you and I will pray for you as well..we have been trying this time around for eight years, had one we lost... before that it took us over three years to get my twin girls.......it's not fun to actually "try" but well worth it when it works out ;-) Good luck !!!!



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