I Really Dont Know What To Think Am I Pregnant

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sunshine52 - June 9

The past month mY boyfriend & i have been having intercourse & just last month i missed my period, but then i suddenly have it this month. I took two pregnancy tests & both came back negative yet i have lower abdominal pain& feel nauseas with slight headaches. Can i possibly be pregnant. I know im not stressed. My abdominal pain happens not too often & the nausea happens every few hours & i been seeing myself a lot in the rest room urinating & my appet_te has changed dramatically, i havent been eating the same. What can it be ? Should i worry?


Grandpa Viv - June 9

At your age it should only take a few months of unprotected s_x to get pregnant. Could you have taken the tests too early? Other signs might include b___st and nip changes, lotion discharge, emotions, smells, dreams, backache, stuffy nose, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, short of breath, hot flashes, veins showing more, etc. Unusual bleeds may occur. Test again, and good luck!


dovkav - June 11

Was the period this month usuall like always or different? Less cramps?Shorter? If yes, It may be implantation bleeding. Keep testing for your pregnancy early in the mornings.


dallas.nicole - June 14

I have no idea how to post my own new thread, so I'm going to post my question here. I had a missed miscarriage and still haven't had my first period since then, I have been having some odd signs of pregnancy, run of the mill things. Yesterday I had a beta quant_tative hcg blood test and it came back as 5mIU/L. I've been doing tons of research and finding that under 5 is not pregnant and over 5 is pregnant. So what is exactly 5? I'm so lost for answers and this is such a confusing mess..any help would be wonderful. Thank you. And as for your question, those are the run of the mill symptoms and I will keep my fingers crossed for you :) when I got pregnant before I started my period a week early and that was the month a got pregnant :) sadly it ended in a missed miscarriage meaning my body did not know of the fetal demise and it resulted in a d&c



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