I Really Need Advice Please Anyone

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curious - December 10

my last normal period was on sept.12th it ended on sept.18, about 2 weeks or so after that i spotted again for 2 days on and off not a period either the blood was only there when i wiped, since then my br___ts have gotten larger and really tender ,the veins in them are quite blue and the area around the nipples have gotten a little bigger, my mood is all weird and i get queasy once and a while but no throwing up, in oct. through the beginning of nov. i was peeing like 2 every hour, i was tired alot and i have a little pouch too my belly now but its not like fat its hard, the only thing is i still get my period just not as heavy or long as i usually do not since that random bleeding in sept. i went to planned parrenthood and the test came back neg because she said the periods could throw them off but as for talking to me she thinks that i am prego about 3 months by now, should i believe her, was that implantation bleeding those 2 days and are all those other things symptoms please help im confused how do i know if i really am or not


bump - December 11

I want to know what people think so i bump your question to the top!!


s - December 11

go to your dr. and get a blood test!


judy - December 11

you sound more scared than happy about those symptoms. I can tell you that I have the same symptoms and I think I am pregnant. I also did a urine test but it came back neg. I can give you one edvice, go to the doctor and get a blood test. THe blood test is 100% and doesn't make you guess if no or yes. Also it could be the stress that your mind causes to your body, giving pregnancy symptoms even when you're not. Stop worrying and get a blood test. do it soon and I wish you the very best. GOD LUCK!!!


Grandpa Viv - December 11

You think you may be three months pregnant (starting at LMP). A physical examination by a doctor, midwife or nurse pract_tioner will confirm this without need for a pregnancy test. The symptoms you describe make it sound quite likely. Good luck.


bump - December 18



Melissa Curry - December 18

I hope this may help you a little, but I thought I was on my period around Dec. 8th. I started hurting one night at work like I was trying to start my period again. I went to the emergency room for the pain, they done a blood test and boy did I get a shocked I was pregnant, I had the symptoms similar to yours. I went to my o.b. doctor and for me to actually believe him he done another test so I would know it was real. It was positive also. I am really happy me and my husband had been trying for four years. You need to go get a blood test done, because the doctor also told me that a blood test would pick up earlier than a home test would. Good luck!!



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