I Really Need Someone To Talk To

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wantingbabytwo - February 2

last night my NOT dear husband has taken it upond his self and told me he no longer wants to have kids and then asked me heen i was going back on bc and then he said maybe i sould get my tubes tied i said i'm not doing eaither and i said why don't you get your shit fixed and he said that mine would be cover under insurance what a F*** i always thought i would have atleast 1 more child and he said that now that my dd is going to 9 that in a few more years that she'll be old and that we could have all the time in the world just he and i and man did he just crash my world i didn't cry last night but the more i thought about it today i really can't stop crying i really did want more kids!


Rainbowbrite - February 2

WOW! this is really a hard situation. I don't really have an answer or really any advice for you but to send you my sypmathy.... Maybe you should try to tell him how you feel?


layni - February 2

**Ugh** Men suck.


tryin44 - February 2

I would explain to him how you feel. Let him know that his decision could play a big effect on your feelings towards him. Also, explain how much of a lesson it would be for your daughter to get to experience the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth as a big sis. I had a baby when my oldest was seven and my second was six. It is so much fun to watch them take care of her and nurture her. We are going for #4 because we would like our daughter to have a close sibling like our oldertwo. The pregnancy was so fun watching the older boys at certain appropriate doctors appt. Good luck and hopefully he will see your point.


nevatoold - February 2

What brought his feelings on?? Has he mentioned this before?? With regards to BC...maybe he should wear the "love glove". It does annoy me when men seem to think it is just the females resposibility. As for you and him spending more time together in the near future - hhhmmm being a parent does not stop when a child turns 18 or 21. Its for life!! As for age gap...phewy!! I have had three children.. There is a gap of 10 years and 7 years between my two eldest and my youngest. Age does not mater, In fact we are trying for baby #4, so if i fall pregnant(god willing) it will be a 13 year gap between eldest & new baby. This is a tough call. You will need to seriously discuss the whole issue as you may end up resenting him or vise versa in the future. Good Luck and keep us informed.


Whisper - February 2

You could always pretend to be on BCP... accidents do happen now and then... Oh dear, I'm bad. Probably best to talk it out and stuff. Stand firm, stand up for you and what you want, and try and find some balance. Decisions like this need to be made by both of you, not just him on a whim, and you should let him know this. If he can't accept that, and find a compromise, then maybe you should decide on your own too, and take my earlier advice. ;) Keep your chin up, and put that foot down, girl!


jugee - February 2

dont get ur tubes tied if u dont want to you will regret it. my husband use to say the same thing after 3 years he said lets have more.



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