I Really Think Im Pregnant But Test Says Negative

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louisa - November 19

hi, this is my first month off birth control pills. i was due for my period 11/15 but did not show, ive been have stomach cramps on and off for the past 5 days now, but no period. i also spotted abit last week for about 3 days. Thought this may have been implantation bleeding, but not sure. i took a pregnancy test yesterday but was negative. Maybe its 2 early to tell. what do you guys think. Im so confussed right now.


Jen - November 19

I just got off the pill in August and my cycles were only 18 days for a few cycles. When my sister got off the pill she didn't have a period for a year. Getting off the pill can cause spotting and can also cause our bodies to do weird things. Maybe you should try testing again on the 22nd. A good note is that some women have reported getting pregnant their first month off the pill so good luck to you.


louisa - November 19

thank you, i may try testing tommorrow morning, as i tested yesterday evening, so maybe thats why it didnt show up


louisa - November 19

ive just notcied that my nipples are really sore. Like touching them well hurts. I hope this is a good sign that im pregnant


well, - November 19

it can take a few cycles for your period to be normal. the 3 day spotting was most likely your period. a pregnancy test would have been positive by now.


Deb - November 20

I don't think you are pregnant. My cycles were messed up for six months after going off the pill. They ranged from 23 to 33 days and my periods lasted from 3 to 7 days. If you spotted last week for three days, I am pretty sure that was your period for the month. It took me six months to get pregnant after going off the pill.


louisa - November 20

i have rearlised that it werent last week that i had the spotting, it was the week before, so around about the 1st of november. could it be possible that the spotting was my period, and that i may have gotten pregnant in between now and then, since i woke up with sore nipples yesterday and i am still experiancing sore nipples as well as slight cramping


bump - November 20




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