I Said I Would Post After I Got My Blood Test

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Bernice - March 6

Here I am march 6th. Had my blood test to see if I could have a baby with my DH after trying for 11 years, with 4 IUI and 2 ICSI. It was Negative. I will never be a mommy. I have no more frozen embryos and no money to try again. I feel like a big failure and I feel all alone even though my DH is very supportive. He is now in bed, I can't sleep and I can't stop crying at all. It's soooooooo hard. Does anyone have advice to ease my suffering?


Kristina - March 6

I am so very sorry. I have no idea what you could possibly be goingt through. I hav eonly been TTC for 2 months. But, I will pray for you and hope that you find the peace that you need. It may been soon, but think about getting involved in foster care or working with young children in some way. There are so many out there that need good role models and it sounds like you have a lot of love to give. God Bless!!!!!!! xxxooo


Valerie - March 6

Bernice, I wish I could say something to make you feel better and make this pain go away. I just wanted to let you know that I read your post and that I am thinking of you and your husband. God bless.


Estee P - March 7

Bernice, oh sweetheart, I feel for you so much it brings tears into my eyes. I don't think there are many more things that could be harder than dealing with this. But, I would like to ask you to refuse to give up: Are you ovulating every month, and what is your age? Have you been tested for PCO's, Endometriosis, has your husband been tested for low sperm motility? Give me the whole story, maybe there is still something we can suggest you try? There's a whole load of experience here, and if we know the details of your situation, maybe we can all give advice particular to your circ_mstances? I will pray for you!!!


Bernice - March 7

To start off, Thanks for all of your replies. I need alot of support to get me through this grieving process. To give you more info. I am 34, DH 40. I got tested to see if my tubes where good = they were. I have no endometriosis. The PCO term I don't know what it means - sorry. I do ovulate every month, I am on a regular calendar of 30 days. Periods are only 3-4 days. Always been that way, unless I was on the pill a long time ago. My husband did get check and he had low sperm, low motility, that's why we had gone for the ICSI. The doctors told me that there's nothing to give to him to help out his sperm. Is that true? We had really nice embryos, very very nice in fact coming from the embryo specialist and the doctors. They to don't even know what happened , they were all shocked when they found out the first time it didn't happen, and this time around they can't believe it cause all was so wonderful. To finish off, we do have our names on the list for adoption, categories (0-2) considered new borns and (2-6). Thanks everyone and may God Bless you all!!


Estee P - March 7

Bernice. I understand your situation. I hope you win the lottery so you can keep trying with the ICSI's!!! It sure does sound like it can work for you if you could have kept trying. I wish you all the best with this!! Just don't give up trying to conceive naturally. I know a couple who tried vir 4 years and finally after 4 years the were on their way to collect their adopted child. They made a stop somewhere and the wife quickly did a pregnancy test somewhere in a bathroom because she suspected she was pregnant, and it came out positive!!! They still adopted the boy and 8 months later had another boy! You really still can conceive for another 6 years!! All it will take is one little bugger from your husband's ejaculation to get to the egg, and it will happen for you! Don't give up yet, you're still young!


J - March 7

Bernice- Read my post under: Oh. My. God.......am going off the head. My cousin's husband had a low sperm count too and after she had 2 with IVF, she had her third totally natural. It can happen. Don't give up.


c - March 7

i had a freind who adopted because they thought they were infertile.. about 2 years later she had triplets.. NATURALLY.. It just goes to show that God has a plan for all of us. She adopted an unwanted child and gave him a home and she was rewarded handsomely!!! best wishes to you- prayers are with you.


jb - March 7

there is always adoption......hope this helps...so many children would love to have you as a mommy....


kat - March 7

so sorry to hear that bernice,jb is right though about adoption.


dm - March 7

I'm sitting here reading what all of you ladies have written to this heartbroken woman and I have to say it's truely moving. For women who don't know each other at all and who are spread out all over the world to come together and support and encourage each other is inspiring. I too believe that GOD has a plan for each of us and that everything will work out for the best. You just have to keep living your life to the fulliest and hope that one day you will be blessed with a little baby to call your own. And if that means adoption then so be it. There are so many children out there who need loving homes and parents and I think that everyone on this site that is blessed with a little bundle of joy, your children will be proud to call you mom. You are all very special ladies. My prayers are with you all*****


felfel - March 7

Soo sorry you feel this way, try to think about something else at the moment, take it as a break till you save some more money and try again!!! try to relax, and enjoy you life, it is too short to get deppressed about anything....nothing is impossible, you just have a to wait for what God wants for you!!


ta - March 7

bernice, just wondering, if you considered artificial insemmination. my dh also had low sperm and non motal. so we waited like 5 years and now have found a place to do artificial insemminations at home. no one to know that it isnt his sperm. very safe and very cheap. never thought i would be a mommy either. we are doing our ai this month, actually in 2 weeks. we are excited at the possibilities. also had someone tell me that there is somthing for men to take to enhance their sperm. its very expensive and i think its called proseed. its a powder drink that dh would drink and its supposed to enhance sperm motility and viability if you need to talk more email me at [email protected]


Bernice - March 7

ta: we did try artificial insemination. That didn't work. I did talk to the doctors here and they say there's nothing to give to the men to help the sperms, except Zinc and Vitamin E. Have you heard of that? For the Proseed, where can you get that and do you need a prescription?


trixie - March 7

hi Bernice, sweetheart..my prayers and my feelings are with u.. i dunno wot else to say...jus tht we are all here for u. i was going thru some sites.. and i remember seeing sumthing on WWW.Ovulex.com to aid in increasing sperm count.pls go thru tht site.. u and ur hubby will b there in my prayers.lots of love to u


mulgajill - March 7

Well, you are still youngish.... and DH is probably feeling as bad as you (with his slow sperm)....And the doctors are wrong that you can do nothing to increase sperm health.... do a search on the net and find out some stuff... sperm (millions and millions of them) are produced everyday.... I know for sure there are lots of things which can make sperm quality poor so it makes sense you can do something to improve them.... and i think you are lovely to consider adopting an older child, not just a baby... good luck to you and your hubby xx


Mary - March 7

Don't give up you are trying to hard. It will happen when you least expect it. There is sperm and there is a egg. It is bound to happen, like I said when you least expect it. Try to do things to keep your mind away from all the stress. Get into something you like to do to take your mind off of things. Maybe it was meant for adoption for the now, and for you to concieve in the future. You never know, just keep hope alive, and god bless



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