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jazminesmom - January 29

well i tested this morning i am 4 days late. well it was a BFN :( well calling the docs office for a blood test and i will tell you the results when i get them. with my daughter i was 10 days late when i got a BFP. so maybe there is stll hope.


Megs - January 29

Good luck!!! :-) Keep us all updated for sure!


carla123 - January 29

still hope!! dont lose it yet. good luck xx


jazminesmom - January 29

thanks for your nice words. i hope when i get a blood test it is positive. if it is not i have to start provra agian to hopefuly get regular and ovulate, i am going to start working out on an elliptical machine when i buy one in a few weeks and start eating better so if i lose just a few pound it might help, it won't kill me to try well talk to you later girls going to call the doctor now.


jazminesmom - January 29

hey all i just got off the phone with the doctor he wants me to wait until the weekend to take another test then call monday with the results and he wants to see me if it is negitive or positve we might change the plan of actiction


nikki1 - January 29

good luck hun! *keeping fingers crossed for you*~*~Lots of Babydust~*~ but hopefully you don't need it!!;)


jazminesmom - January 29

on sunday i had what it felt like a bladder infection type pain, like if you hold you pee to long and your bladder hurts. could this be a possible pregnancy relate? and how long does inplanting take?


preggoplease - January 29

BUMMER! Girl you are still in the game tho! I know you have to be preggers. Like you said you got a bfp late with your daughter so this one will be too!!!! My fingers are crossed even tighter now. Shoot I'll even cross my toes! =]


jazminesmom - January 29

it woun't hurt to cross your toes, i will be testing agian if no af shows on saturday or sunday.


jazminesmom - February 1

hey preggo, how are you doing? well still no af i am 7 days late, i have alot of wateryand sometimes strechy cm(sorry tmi) and sore bbs, well i am going to test agian on saturday i will be 9 days late, and hoprfully it will be a +. then on monday i will call the doctor to make an appointment anyway + or -. hope all is well with you


preggoplease - February 1

Hey missy. Yeah I am doing good. Still got pink eye and now I think I'm getting a cold. And my daughter is wearing me out. She has got to be in her terrible two's because she is soooo mean, she is always saying NO and hitting and screaming. It's terrible. I can't for you to test...again! Hopefully it will be positive. So when did you O? How far along (if you are) preggers would you be?


jazminesmom - February 2

well it sounds like fun, jazmine is being a stinker, in to everything. well i think either jan10th, 11th possible the 12th. i realy think if i did O it was the 11th but i didn't use a kit so i could be wrong. i think i would be aourd 5 weeks or alittle into 5 weeks but i don't know for sure. i am testing tomorrow


Rainbowbrite - February 2

good luck!!!!


preggoplease - February 2

I O'd on the 11th too. And my lmp was on Dec. 28th. So I am exactly 5 weeks today. And its going by soooo slooow. So we would be due about the same time. You better be pregnant cause you are killing me here. lol. =]


jazminesmom - February 2

well if you think it is killing you it is killing me. sometime i think i am pregnant and other i don't think i am well tomorrow i will know.


preggoplease - February 2

OOOO....I can't wait until tomorrow!! It better be a BFP!!! I'm sure it will...I hope.


VenusdiMilo - February 2

Good luck Jazminesmom...I hope this is it for you!!



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