I Think I Am In The 2ww Any1 Want To Come And Wait With Me

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kelly607 - February 28

Hi, I am currently on TTC month No 4 for my first child and it would be nice to have a TTC buddy or buddies. I think I O'd today judging by cm and O pains however will find out tomorrow by my temperature for definite. We BD today, yesterday, tuesday and Sunday - Hopefully we've done as much as we can so fingers crossed :o) xxx


SarahBethT - February 28

I o'd like 4 days ago but I am waiting also...I hate waiting


pootersmum - March 1

Hi Im on month 2, but am pretty sure O has been within the past 24 hours or so. Ive been using the clearblue opk and think I finally got a + Thurs pm plus had some mild left sided ache that night and Fri am. I havent been temping regularly because I get up at a variety of times depending on the day...though at about 10am today I was 99.1 and my normal is in the 97 range. We did the BD around midnight Tue/Wed and then had unexpected company Wed pm so no more BD. I know odds arent fabulous for a hit, but Im hoping anyway :)... and waiting. ugh. Here's to many BFP's coming up soon :)


Tiggy - March 1

Hi there! I am 7DPO today and waiting. Trying not to a___lyze anything as I have mistaken PMS for preg signs before, many times in fact. So we shall see. This last week is the worst though as the anticipation is crazy!!


MAC_33 - March 2

Hey Girls, I'll wait with you! I'm 2dpo today and on my first (and hopefully only) round of Clomid...the side effects were terrible!! I'm on Clomid b/c I only ovulate once every few cycles. Judging my temps, high-soft open cervix, both overies cramping for a few days, and wee bit of ewcm, I'm pretty sure I O'd 2 days ago. Oh, and do any of you ladies have sore nipples? My nipples got tingly about 2 days before O and haven't let up. They're soooooo sore and ALWAYS erect! I hope this is a sign that I actually O'd this month! Bad news though is that dh was working out of town so we only bd on my O day...I hope we caught that egg! Here's my chart ~ fertilityfriend.com/home/MAC_33 ~ Good Luck to all of you!!!!


Tiggy - March 2

Hey MAC!! You and I were on another strand together a few months ago! My period was SUPER late and I was thinking I was PG, Do you remember at all. It turns out that after numerous tests I went back to my DR and asked what the heck was going on. He sent me for an ultrasound to check for PCOS but luckily I am fine. My hormones were out of wack from readjusting from the BC pills so he put me on a cycle of progesterone which boosted my levels up and then they dropped when I stopped taking them and then my period FINALLY came. 3 months without a period and no answer is very frustrating so I was actually excited to get it. I also am now back on track and having regular cycles. DH and I BD during ovulation so I am "patiently" waiting for the outcome. My nips don't hurt but my b___sts are sore at times (which usually happens when I O and PMS), slight cramping off and on, lethargic and stomach upsets. Any thing could cause these signs so who knows. Anyway good luck!!


MAC_33 - March 2

Hey Tiggy!! Of course I remember you!! I haven't seen you here so I didn't know if you were still ttc or not. Wow! It sounds like the BCP really screwed up your cycle. Good to hear that your back to normal though :) Let's hope this is your month....and all you other girls too! Wouldn't it be awesome if every single girl in a thread got her BFP!


Tiggy - March 2

Yeah it totally messed me up! Fingers crossed for everyone and hopefully the clomid paid off Mac!!


MAC_33 - March 4

Hi Ladies, anyone having any good symptoms yet? My nipples are still VERY tender, my head is pounding, I couldn't sleep at all last night, and I had AF like cramps at about 3AM. I'm gonna a__sume all of that is simply from taking the Clomid this month though since I'm only about 4DPO and it's WAY too early to have any pg symptoms.


cami08 - March 4

Hi Ladies! I am in the two week wait as well, but I am only 2 dpo. Mind if I join. I am already anticipating so much. I am also in month 4 ttc #1 kelly!


Tiggy - March 6

Hey all! How are we feeling today? I am now 13DPO and waiting. I'm not sure what to think yet. I have achy b___bs, cramps and am tired. From past experiences (i've had all the symptoms every cycle) I'd have to actually vomit before I was sure that maybe just maybe :) How is everyone else doing??


SarahBethT - March 6

I'm doing ok. I took 2 test both neg. I'm not really expecting to get preg this month. I have had really sore bbs and been tired. But thats nothing new...I feel that way every 2ww. A/f is due in 3 days. I also had a sore lower back. It comes and goes. Last night I had a hard time sleeping. I kept having weird dream and jerking awake. Well I think thats all. Hows everyone else?


cherryzz08 - March 6

Good luck ladies.. Im sending you all some good baby vibes. I hope everybody gets there BFP this month!!


photoholic808 - March 6

hi everyone! i think I o'ed somewhere between three four days ago.. so I would love to tww buddy. I am in ttc month 3 and in not using protection month 5 .. man is this ever nreve racking..


Tiggy - March 7

Hi all. I tested this morning and got BFN. AF is due today or for sure by the end of this weekend so I will test again if it doesn't show. Not going crazy about it as I have not believed tests in the past but am slowly learning to take the BFN with a grain of salt :)


MAC_33 - March 7

Tiggy, sorry to hear about the BFN! I'm pretty much going crazy here wanting to test and I'm only 7dpo! I actually even peed in a cup this afternoon as I was going to dip an OPK to see what it did but came to my senses and ditched the pee before testing. Aghhh! I hate the two week wait!


Tiggy - March 8

I know it sucks. The worst though as you know when you are "late" and you think, is this it? DId I miss calculate my O, was I reading my body wrong, why BFN? lol. Cramping has picked up so AF could be on her way. I for sure will post either way! Hang in there! I'm also on another thread March BFP's if anyone wan't to go there! How are everyone else doing? Any news?



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