I Think I Am Pregnant

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Kelly - February 18

My last period was Dec. 7, 2004. I did not worry about it in Jan. Because I skipped a period in Nov. and got a neg. pt in Dec. But now I have sore br___t, no period, fluttering, and have been throwing up every night at 8:30pm. I took a hpt about and hour ago and there was a fanit line in one box and a def. line in the other (two means +) that kinda a test. Any help. I am dying for information I want to have a baby can I believe this! I don't know what to do.


Coco - February 18

read the other posts, 2 lines= positive, no matter how faint was the line.Congratu;ation!!!!!!


lyla - February 18

Congrats on your pregnancy, if your not sure, have it confirmed at an doc's office, but like coco said, a faint line is considered a positive.


Stephanie - February 18

Ok Im really nervous because I dont kno if im pregnant or not! My last period was feb 2nd and im due for it in about a week and a half -2 weeks.. Im on birth control but had unprotected s_x with him 1 week after my period ended.. cuz I be pregnant? I have crazy craving for food and Im tired and I wak eup feeling really sick but then if I burp or sumthin I feel a little bit better. I also get hot flashed alot.. but Im not sure because I get big cravings for food close to my period.. HELP!


Grandpa Viv - February 18

Stephanie, the pill questions are always difficult to answer because the side effects can mimic pregnancy. With no pill, s_x a week after your period ends is a good time to conceive, and unusual body changes a week after that would make one consider pregnancy. You will just have to take a preg test at the end of your coming period. You perhaps should call the doc's office at that time and see what the nurse suggests.


shontay - March 7

Alright im am not able to tell just yet if i am pregnant. I am two weeks late, every night i wake up about 5 or 6 times just feeling really bad and it's really hard to back to sleep then i have to go to the restroom alot more than usual. I've been feeling real dizzy when i get up sometimes.i dont just rteally get the craving for food. And i had unprotected s_x with him bout a week and a half after my last period. And we have been having unprotected s_x for bout the last 3 months of our relationship. Please help me!!!



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