I Think I Could Be Implanting

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nbsunshine - January 21

Hi. I'm 33. My last period started dec 30. Ovulated around Jan 13 had unprotected s_x where my bf came inside that same day. Today Jan 20. I had a bit of light pink spotting. And mild cramps. Period not due for 8 days. Not usually more than 4 days early. Sometimes I'm 4 days late but I chart everything. 8 days is way off. What do you think?


gaer - January 21

you should be able to do a test in about a week. make sure you getthe one that says you can do it five days before your expected period, which if you can be 4 days late should be about right if you test the 30th??


hopeful4#2 - January 24

Hi Ladies! I’m hoping someone can help me. My husband and I have been trying ttc for around 5 years now. We already have a beautiful daughter who just turned 7 but we are hoping for another one. We are starting to think it will never happen. I started my period on Jan 1 and ovulated around the 14th or 15th. Four days later I thought I was coming down with the flu. I was at work and I started feeling extremely nausea and having mild cramps in my abdomen. I left work and stayed out for two days. 6 dpo I notice I was still extremely nausea and I was still cramping in my abdomen all day and that it felt like I was starting my period early about 2 weeks early. 7 dpo I woke up with a little nausea but no more cramps. I’m now on 10 dpo and I have no more symptoms other than lower back pain. This is all really weird for me. I never cramp before my period starts and I never get nausea not even with my first pregnancy. I read that it could be PMS but I think it was too early for that and I “never” have PMS symptoms. Could I be pregnant? I know it sounds silly but I feel pregnant. Has anyone else experience symptoms like this and actually been pregnant? Or is this all in my head? I’m not due for my period until Jan 30 so I will have to wait until then to test so any info would be greatly appreciated…



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