I Think I M Pregant But Not Sure

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Kamryn - October 8

I think I am pregnant but I am not sure. I have been looking up symptoms online and I have almost all of them. Dizziness, VERY emotional, soar br___ts, sleepy, heartburn. I just took a test and it said not pregant. I am not supposed to start my period for about 2 more weeks... do I have to wait until than to find out if I am pregnant or should it show up if I have so mnay symptoms?


kira - October 8

I think your testing a bit early. Most tests even the most sensitive only detect hgc(pregnancy hormone) 4 days or so before your missed period. I'd wait till ur closer to your period. But you do have a lot of the normal symptoms so good luck.


Kamryn - October 8

I also wanted to add this to my question.. My boyfriend is a smoker and he NEVER smells like smoke or smokes around me and the past 4 or 5 dyas he smells like smoke so bad! He hasnt chnaged cig. or started smoking mre, everything is the same. Also I have had a headache for about 3 days and even taken medicine and it hasnt helped. I should start my period until abot Oct 19 but I have pretty intence cramps.. do you think it's possible??


?? - October 8

Was your last period normal? You should be close to ovulation now. I doubt you'd be experiencing so many syptoms so early, if you just got pregnant this month. Everyone is different though. Do you ovulate really early?


pl - October 8

Increase smelly sensitivity is one of the pregnancy symptom..If u can crawl on wall, then u aquiring Spiderman symptom..


TO ?? from Kamryn - October 8

Yea there are so mnay symptoms its wierd.. but like i keep getting heartburn which i have never had before and my periods are NEVER nomal. Sometimes every 28 days sometimes every 2 months.. i know should get on bc to make tha reg but i just i dont know im scared to start taking it again because last time i gained like 5 lbs i know i would gain a lot more being pregnant but i dont know i'm confused!! its just wierd to have all the symptoms and all the symptoms i have are the ones you should experience within the first week or two.


Steph - October 9

Kamryn - I am 6 weeks PG and I had cramping from the day of ovulation until about now (It is just starting to go away) I also had heartburn ..which I never get adn had sore b___bs (Which went away after AF was due) It really is way too early for you to test. I would wait until 1 day after AF is due because alot of people take the test before and get BFN when they are really PG. I don't know if you are ttc but if you are GOOD LUCK and keep us posted!


Me - October 9

Hey Ladies! Thank you so much for your help! Sometimes I feel like it's all in my head but the heartburn thing is what freaked me out because i have never had that before! I'm so new to this site just a few days and I noticed the abreviations for EVERYTHING! haha.. could you guys help me understand the lingo? thank you!



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