I Think I M Pregnant Am I Right

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Ashima-san - August 24

The last time I had s_x was July 22nd and it's now August the 24th. I didn't have my period at the end of July like I was supposed to and I have almost all of the sings of pergnacy. I took a pregnacy test a while ago and it came out negative, but I think it's too soon to tell. I'm supposed to start my period in a couple days, but I started having a light bleeding, like a dark pink last night. it got heavier from last night, and I don't feel any cramps, and it's still a light pink and it's also kind of watery. I read that this can be normal, but I've never been pregant, so I don't know for sure. I started feeling pain in what my mom and close friend said were my falopian tubes, and I read that can be stretching pains. I'm almost positive I'm pregnant, am I right?


Grandpa Viv - August 24

If you think you have a period due Aug 26, and have been feeling signs and taking tests for some time, then s_x in mid July is more likely the cause. Was your period at the end of July light or missing? When did you test? If it was after Aug 12 and still negative, the chance of pregnancy from July s_x is low, and a cyst could be responsible for the upsets. Test again if in doubt. Good luck!


Ashima-san - August 24

I had s_x in late July and my period was missing. I took a pregnacy test about a week ago, but I did the stream test and I don't think it worked. Plus, I don't think that my first missed period gave enough time for the pregnacy to show up in the urine, so I'm going to go see a doctor about it.


newbaby2009 - August 24

S_x right before you expected your period late july most likely didnt get you pregnant. Maybe you just skipped one which is normal.You would really be to early for stretching pains. In your 2 other threads you posted you said you havnt taken a pregnancy test and that you hadnt told your mom b/c you're 16.



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