I Think I M Pregnant But How

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crystania - June 8

I am suffering from several of the symptoms of pregnancy, which is worrying me. However, it just doesn't seem to make any sense. I am seventeen years old and have only started to have s_x about two months ago. My boyfriend always uses condoms. About 80%-90% of the time, he withdraws before ejaculating, too. Not only that, most of the condoms we did use had spermicide. I always made sure to check the condoms after intercourse, for any rips, tears or holes, and there was never any problems. There was never any sperm on the outside of the condom, and I never, ever felt any sperm come inside me, and I made sure to check if there was any. There was never. I should be having my period around now. I`m cramping, bloating, having headaches, and I`m bleeding (very little) of a pinkish color, which isn't normal for me. At first I thought it was spotting, since I recently took medication for my anxiety (which has caused spotting in the past), but I have not taken the medicine again and the light bleeding continues, so I doubt it is spotting. I'm also urinating more than usual, another one of the symptoms, and I had heartburn the other day (which I NEVER get, I have only had it a few times in the past many years ago). I read up on the symptoms of very early pregnancy, and they all just seem to match. But I just don't see how it's possible, given the safety precautions I used with my boyfriend. Am I just being overly paranoid and overreacting, or is there something more going on here? Thanks


ty2 - June 8

the only way to know for sure is to take a test. good luck


ashleyd - June 8

Most likely you're being paranoid. In all reality, if you are practicing the way you say you are, its HIGHLY unlikely that you're pregnant. at 17 it's possible to still have irregular periods. You mentioned anxiety - I have that as well and took Lexapro for it for a while and then stopped (made me feel weird). During that time and for a few months after my periods were abnormal...my doc said that everything looked ok, but it could be caused by the changes your body goes through with stress/anxiety and going on and coming off medication that helps control that. After a while, everything went back to clockwork. You're best off testing, and if it's negative...go to your doctor and explain that you're concerned about your odd cycle. Good luck :)


Jenny - June 8

You said that you just started having s_x, well that could also be were the pink bleeding is coming from.


Grandpa Viv - June 8

It is not likely that you are pregnant. Maybe your hormones have jazzed up a bit in response to your recent introduction to sensory pleasures, and your cycle is upset as a result. For extra safety in future, learn when your fertile window is and stay away from temptation during those 8 days. Take a test a week from now if you are still worried. Good luck!


crystania - June 8

Well, I read the pink-colored bleeding is likely due to implantation bleeding, which is worrying me the most.


San_dee - June 8

i agree with grandpa viv, it could be from just becoming s_xually active, and if your partners p___s is hitting your cervix during s_x that can cause a small bleed, which is common. But take a test to put your mind at ease


kelley32 - June 8

You sound like a very responsible young woman, it's nice to see ... and since you really don't want to be pregnant, and condoms are not the most reliable form of birth control, maybe you could talk to your doctor about a more reliable method, and you'll probably enjoy yourselves alot more because you won't have nearly as much worry. I wish you the best!!!



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