I Think I M Pregnant But I M Not Sure Yet

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orangebubbles - August 28

Hi! My names Sarah and I'm 20 years old. I know, I'm too young to be thinking about having a kid. But I wasn't planning it. My bf asked me a couple of nights ago if I was pregnant, I have no idea why he would ask me this! But it got me thinking, and I've found tons of things that I think are symptoms, becuase normally it isn't here. First, I haven't had a normal bowel movement in like 2 weeks. Either diahrrea or constipation. And I am taking iron pills, which I heard might cause that so early in pregnancy. I have been crazy tired! Even when I get adequate sleep! I have had lower back pains like four times when I woke up this week, normally it just happens the night before I start my period. I have pimple bumps on my forehead like crazy, and acne on my back. Thats never happened to me! I am constantly bloaded lately, which I don't even get bloaded on my period! I am having thick clear white discharge, but it comes on and off, not constant. I have been craving food especially sweets like twinkies (yuck) and ice cream! I have also had the hiccups atleast once every day for the past two weeks. IDK! But please let me know what you think! I have an appointment at planned parenthood on Monday, but I can't wait that long to know for sure! Thanks!


dixie78 - August 28

wow, girly, sounds pretty promising!!!! I had all the symptoms you named and I just took a test and it came back positive!!! Keep me posted!!!


Maka Mbali - September 2

Gal i would like to believe that you are pregnant Good luck!!!!!!!!!


kimberly - September 2

Monday has came and gone, did you go to your appointment?


orangebubbles - September 2

Ok! So I got tested on monday... Just a pee test and it said negative! But I still feel pregnant... I was wondering if maybe its too soon to tell!? Cus I'm barely 3 days late on my period... But all the symptoms I had r still here but there's more now! Like I woke up monday and my b___bs were killing me! Especially on the outsides... And they're swollen and feel super heavy... I think it looks like my areola is getting larger and darker and the bumps on the outer rim like goosebumps... Idk! Let me kno wat u think! If I shud wait longer... Or if mayb the iron pills I'm taking r causing it... Idk!


kimberly - September 3

A pee test at 3 days late is usually accurate for most women. Some(rarely) will take a little longer to get a positive result. The iron pill can be the cause of the constipation and pms would account for the sore b___bs too. You are probably just having a late cycle, hince the bad pms symptoms. Retest in a couple of days if your period still hasn't came, but I bet your symptoms are stronger because you are going to start your period.



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