I Think I May Be Pregnant But I M Not Ready

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Sadgrl0 - January 26

Please, somebody help me! I think I might be pregnant. I cannot tell my mom, and I can't afford a pregnancy test. My mom told me that if I ever got pregnant that she would kick me out (she means it too. her mother did the same to her), and I don't even have a job yet. Not only that, but the Father of the child and I are not together. It was just a thing that sort of happened one day. We were watching a movie and suddenly he was all over me. I'm ashamed it happened. Please, some advice, anyone for a sixteen year old, unwed possible mother?


angela1986 - January 26

Sweetie, this may not be something you want, but if its happened thats all there is too it. Pregnancy tests you can get from a dollar tree store. Their only $1, so i can imagine you can manage a way to get that and go buy one. It will give you peace of mind in knowing. And i know your mom says she would toss you out even though it was done to her, most moms that say that i dont believe actually would. Its kinda like your mom doesnt want to be anything like her mom in that sense and in some sense you dont want to be like your mom. Just take a test as step # 1 and find that out before jumping into anything else. And for your sake i would not have s_x unless you were in bc or using protection. Good luck sweetie, let me know what happens.


crackersforme - January 26

also make sure you don't test until you miss your period...don't want to test too early & get a false negative. You never mentioned any dates........


Sadgrl0 - January 26

My period was supposed to happen two days ago.


jeanette - January 26

Take a test first darlin...if your period was due 2 days ago then you should be able to get a result now. If you have a 'planned parenthood' clinic around, they can test you also. Here is a website for you if you need it: standupgirl.com ...take it one day at a time darlin, hang in there.


Grandpa Viv - January 27

These things happen, in spite of best intentions. If this was first time s_x, there is a good chance that your period has gotten scared into the middle of next month. Period due Jan 24th, fertile window Jan 6 thru Jan 11. You are not telling of any early signs other than a late period. Chances are you will be OK. Good luck!


PromiseJubilee - January 27

Hey there honey, I just wanted to hop in here and ask where you're from? I'm from California, and I've been through something similar, if you want to talk, feel free to email me at promie at gmail dot com. Everything is going to be okay, even if you are pregnant, you sound like you have a level head on your shoulders, you'll figure it out. If I can help you I will. Oh, and my name is Promise.



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