I Think I Might Be Pregnant And Dont Know But Am Scared

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tiff - October 25

a few weeks ago i had s_x with my boyfriend and he came inside me it was the day after my period ended and im scared i might be pregnant. the preg test said i wasn't but am 2 weeks late for my period and have the signs. what should i do. to make things worse my bf and i just broke up and he has i no idea i think this.


Viv - October 25

Sorry you are in a panic about this. Tell us what signs you have, and when they started. If you want you can talk to me at [email protected]


tiff - October 25

i have been feeling dizzy, with headaches and tender b___sts and i pee constantly they started about a week or so ago


tiff - October 25

is it possible for the tests to be wrong or can it be too early


monique - October 25

for some women it is a possibility to be too soon for the HPT to find the HCG that would build up in your urine. The best thing to do is go to a doctor to make sure there are not any problems.


Nick - October 25

Another possibility is that stress from the break up could be bringing on these symptoms, including the delay of your period.


tiff - October 26

im not stressed about the break up he was a jerk and i dont need him, this morning i got a really bad sick feeling and thought i was going to vomit


m - October 26

tiff, for right now, the bf needs to be a non-factor. worry about your health and finding out for sure. THEN worry about telling him. I wouldn't involve him until you know for sure. But that's just me. If hpt tests show up negative, but you really feel pregnant, go get a quant_tative blood test to measure hcg. My doc told me if it measure 5+ it is positive. And urine tests measure anywhere from 20 to 100+, depending on the one you get.


Stephanie - November 6

When I was pregnant the test that I took also told me that I wasnt pregnant but for 2 months I didnt have a period and I had all of the signs you need to go to a doctor



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