I Think I Might Be Pregnant But Im Not Sure

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Colleen - November 7

I have some of the sign of being pregnant like i was 6 days late with my period, i have very sore br___t, mood swings, very tired all the time, hungry all the time, discharge, i have gained 10 pounds, headache, heartburn, and frequent urination. But today i got my period, but it is alot heavier than usual, and also all day today i have been feeling very nauseated. If any of yall have any advise for me please help. Thank you.


E - November 7

It could be an early miscarriage but there is no way to know unless you have a blood test first thing tomorrow. They typically are heavier than a period and will give a negative on a home pregnancy test due to the low level of hCG in your system. You may want to test b/c a positive could still show if you are mc. Early mc's are common so please do not worry. Best wishes:)


Colleen - November 8

E- so what happens durring a miscarriage? this is my first time being (or thinking) im pregnant. is there anyway i could still be pregnant but just be bleeding heavy? Please respond im very worried now. thank you


E - November 8

I suppose you could be but it is highly unlikely. The only way to know if you are pregnant is to see the doctor and have a quant_tative blood test which will measure the hCG in your blood. You will need to do that today as the hCG will leave your system very quickly, if you were pregnant. I would consider this a period unless you have been trying to get pregnant and have a cycle like clockwork. In that case, it could be a mc. I really do not think you should worry. Many women shed a fertilized egg at the time of their period as early mc's are common.


E - November 8

Oh, nothing special happens during an early mc at the time a period is due. Usually, the bleeding/cramping is a bit heavier and other menstrual symptoms may be more pronounced but there is nothing to be alarmed about. Best Wishes:)


Viv - November 8

Colleen, I would ride this one out for right now. If you still have all those symtoms when the "period" ends I would start by taking a home test. Good luck. Come back and let us know the result on this thread.


Colleen - November 8

thank yall both for the advise. but now today im even more confused, the heavy "period" that i had has turned into a light hardly even there period. so i dont know whats going on now. but i will keep yall posted. i am going today to get a couple of hpt's and see what those say, and im also making a doc. apt.


E - November 8

Bump. Everyone, help me with the bumps please.


Colleen - November 8

E- I dont get what you mean when you said bump everyone help me with the bumps. Could you or someone please explain? Thanks


~~Amanda~~ - November 8

Have you ever heard of a chemical pregnancy?? It is another word for early miscarriage. 2 months ago, I got up one morning, took a test it was POS. Hubby got another test and I took it later that day, it was NEG. Took 5 more test that week. I wasn't due for my period, but couldn't figure out why it showed POS and the others were NEG. Call the dr and they told me that some times women will be preg, have a EARLY miscarriage, and they didn't even know it. Because it was early there's not a lot of tissue to pa__s therefore you think it is a heavy period. Normally I go like 1-2 days and I am LIGHT....This time (2 weeks later) I got my period, I went 5 days and was VERY HEAVY!!!!!! That's what happened to me. The dr told me A LOT of women will do this and not even know that they were pregnant. I just happened to take a test and found out I was preg. Good luck and I hope this helps!!! God Bless


Diane - November 8

Hi-i had the same thing happen to me.I was 5 weeks pregnant and then got what looked like my period but heavier.it was an early miscarriage-miscarriages are very common especially early in the first trimester-it is not normal to bleed that early in pregnancy that heavy.


Colleen - November 9

Does anyone know what this means now, i got my "period" on Sunday and it was really heavy, but then on Monday it turned really light like it was hardly even there. Has anyone had that happen to them? And if so could you give me some advise on what might be going on now? Thanks


Colleen - November 9



Bump - November 9

Bump it up



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