I Think Im Going Crazy Pregnancy Test Pregnancy Symptoms Please Answer

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vanessa - October 15

i had s_x a couple of times unpreotected.in july i think my period was late.i had it like two weeks later it was bright red from what i remember. august it was late and unusually short.i usually have it for 7-8 days this time it was only 4-5 days. one time there was alittle clot.i didnt have no cramps or backpainsso i dont think it could of been a miscarriage or anything.since my period came i didnt think i was pregnant then i realized that a shorter or delayed period could be a sign also i had some symptoms. after i would go pee and walked away it felt like more was coming.i was getting very mild cramps.sensitivity to some smells off and on.nausea and bloating to where i felt like crying off and on.a mucus like discharge then a white cramy then dry discharge and a very watery discharge.and i was constipated off and on then very loose and gassy.and lately ive been having a really wet discharge and havent had that before.ive never seen these little white bumps before and now i have them around my areola.also i felt like a tightning pain in my lower abdonimal.my br___t have been sore off and on and today really sore.also im starting to notice some veins.sometimes i get these sharp quick pains up my va___a but not like a infection or anything.also i got this quick sharp pain in my right area not menstural cramps or anything though. ive been really moody.one minute ill be happy then irritated mad depresed or sad.and sometimes it feels like im about to start but i dont.and one time i felt like butterflies in my stomach what could that be?if i am pregnant i think im about 9 maybe 10 weeks pregnant.i took like 7hpt and they all said negative.if i was pregnant wouldnt it allready be showing a posittive.maybe its just all in my head.but the thing is i try so hard to forget about it and tell myself im probably not pregnant but thats all i have on my mind.the thing that keeps me from not thinking im not pregnant is that my period was shorter and has never been that short and at that time i didnt even think i was pregnant untill after my period was over so it wasnt strress that made it shorter.and that my br___t been really sore and i usuall dont have sore br___t before my period.if thinking your pregnant can delay your period how long does it delay it?i dont know i think im going crazy.please tell me what you think is it all in my head or could i really be pregnant?


Silly girl - October 15

i think that this is the same person that wrote 15 and might be pregnant-please answer but changed the name from christina to vanessa. and you have also added some more stuff to this one, i think that if your that desperate to find out weither you are pregnant or not is to go and see your doctor. i also think that you should think twice before having s_x at the age of 15 because it is ILLEGAL and it could get you PREGNANT and you are too young. plus the person you are having s_x with could get sent to prison for rape and it is not fair on them so take my advice and stop it. keep your legs closed!!!!


vanessa - October 16

no this isnt the same girl.im 21 and live with my boyfriend.just because it may sound a little the same doesnt mean we are the same.but thanks for the advice anyways.



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