I Think Im Leakin

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alex - October 23

yesterday whilst i was at work, sometimes wen i moved did something dead quick, it wud feel like i wee'd my self abit, but i wasent and then wen i went to the toilet to c what it was coz it felt wet all the time there was a big clear patch of wet stuff on my knickers. it did this a couple of time but i had s_x earlier that day so could that b something to do with it? it didnt smell of urine n i kno it wasent that so wot else cud it be? it didnt have a smell to it tho. please respond asap im really scared


alex - October 23

ohh i 4got 2 mention another thing, i know this sounds grose but my 'a__s hole' was bleedin aswell. sorry to be so grose but there was little red dots of blood in my knickers aswell, im sure it came from that hole but it mite not of dun. also, ive got a little lump of skin just behind the openin of my v____a, i dont kno what that is either. can sum1 please help me????


Jodie - October 23

That is pretty discusting. Any how,sounds like a cyst there that might have leaked.


alex - October 23

ohh i thought it cud of been amnotic fluid. i dont think its a cyst coz its painless and its just a little lump of skin. i think the blood maybe from constipation coz ive bin gettin that alot ova the past few months. any ideas?


E - October 23

Okay, first of all, you would not have amniotic fluid the same day you have s_x. Second, you would not have even a single pregnancy sign the day of s_x. Third, if you are scared and do not want to be pregnant, use protection. I am sure it was your own v____al fluids (cervical mucous) leaking or the fluids of the person you slept with. The problem is that if your cervical mucous was so watery that it felt like you peed your pants, you could very well have had intercourse during your most fertile time. Watch for your period and if it is late, take a pregnancy test.


alex - October 25

i neva sed that i thought i was pregnant from that time of havin s_x. i am 4 months pregnant actually so please can i have an answer that helps me? dont mean 2 b rude E but u jumped to a__sumptions there, thanx 4 the help neway x x x x


E - October 25

You are right. I don't know why I jumped to that conclusionm, but I did. I think b/c it was under "preg signs", I a__sumed it was early pregnancy. Of course, the whole 9 months falls under this category. I have been a huge flake lately. Sorry...


E - October 25

About the bloody a__s, you could have hemorrhoids. Maybe ask the doc and they can check it for you. It is common during pregnancy.


alex - October 25

ok then thanx alot E yr a big help x x x x


Rachel - October 26

Hey, I was 18 weeks along when my water broke with my son and I convinced myself I had "peed" myself. PLEASE go see a doctor, as your water VERY WELL could have broken. The doc will do an ultrasound to check the fluid around the baby. In the mean time DO NOT HAVE s_x because IF YOUR WATER HAS BROKEN, you are at an EXTREMELY HIGH RISK of developong an infection of your amniotic fluid, not to mention pre-mature labor.


alex - October 28

oppps ive had s_x since, bout 3 times. if it had broke, wunt i b in pain? please reply


Rachel - October 29

No, there is no pain involved with your water breaking. DO NOT have s_x again and please see your OB. Have them do an ultrasound and test any remaining fluid.


alex - November 1

ok then, thanx alot, i cant have s_x anyway coz ive just recently got hermoids i think they are, not very nice but common to pregnant woman :'( im not having a very good pregnany at all lol. thanks for helpin me x x x x x



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