I Think Im Pregnant Are These Symptoms

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Southern Gurl - July 19

My period was due around the 17th or so and on the 15th my fiance and I had s_x, nothing wild and crazy, in fact it wasn't even that long of a session and there was not a lubrication problem... We got through and we noticed blood on him, nothing on me hurt or anything... So I go to the bathroom and wipe and there was a little blood, not heavy like a period, and the next two bathroom trips there was smaller amounts of blood and then nothing.. It just stopped... I have never bled from s_x in my entire life.. In fact I thought maybe I was starting my period since it was about to be due.. Well, usually my br___ts get very sore and tender before a period and my br___ts have not gotten sore this month UNTIL after this bleeding happened... now they are too sore when i sleep or when i touch my nipples... But these last few days I have had cramps in my stomach like im on my period except they aren't as bad, but they are cramps... Someone told me that if your pregnant and you have s_x, that your cervix will bleed a little if you are pregnant... Is that true? Im ttc!! Does this sound like anything could be going positive for me?? I took a test yesterday evening (the 19th) but it came up negative and my friend told me to wait another week or so because if it was implantation bleeding then my hcg hormone wouldn't be strong enough right now.. What do you guys think??


Tulip - July 20

I think waiting another week is a good idea. You are already late, right? So a test might work. If it was IB, though, I'm not sure it would show yet. My best advice: if you can stand it, wait a week. Be sure to use first morning urine and get a very sensitive test. I don't know about the cervix bleeding indicating pregnancy, I've never heard that. The super-sore nipples could be a vey positive sign. Please post again so I can know what happens with you!!!! Good luck!


Binx - July 20

I agree with your friend. Wait a little longer (few days at least) and test again. I heard IB comes around the time you would normally get your period, so it could be that. Your symptoms sound similar to mine (without the blood) and I am about a week overdue, still no firm positive result. Hang in there, it sounds promising!



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