I Think Im Pregnant Please Help Viv Or Any One

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Kaydee - October 12

h__lo i had my period about 2 weeks ago and i have been havein mild cramps every now and then and every time i cough or something i feel like im goin to throw up .. my nipples are sore an look like they got biger but not my br___t im do to ovalat any day now . is there and possabilty im pregnante and ive been really tired and wanna sleep or eat all the time ive ahd a few headaces please help


m - October 12

was the period like they usually are? it could have been implantation bleeding. still yet, some women do have a period or 2 after they become pregnant. I have a friend who had 3 periods, so she didn't know she was pregnant until she was almost 4 months along! Run out and get a hpt. sounds like you very well could be. you have a lot of cla__sic signs/symptoms. keep us posted!


kaydee - October 12

..my period was only 4 days the first day was spotting then the sec day was normal but a lil light there day i spotted then i bleed a lil then by the 4day it was gone ...iv take one hpt test about a week ago it was neg maybe to early ....


m - October 12

sounds like this could have been implantation bleeding. i would try another hpt if i were you. with my last 2 pregnancies, it was almost 2 weeks past my expected period before I could get a positive reading. that may be about how far you are. i think implantation comes about the time your normal period would. IF that is the case, you would be 4 weeks past conception, meaning 6 weeks along by the dr.'s way of counting. if you take another today, and it comes out negative, i'd go get a blood test from your doctor and see what it says. most of all, listen to your body. if you really feel you are pregnant, then you most likely are. let us know if you take another!


Viv - October 12

Sounds like you might have gotten pregnant from s_x in the middle of September. If you are, you won't be ovulating any time soon. It's OK to take another hpt a week after the last - the hCG levels should be 4 times higher a week later. See if you can find a clinic - the Health Department for your county or region is a good place to look. Come back and let us know the result.


kaydee - October 13

hello again ! thanks for the info anyways if im not preg.. then i should be ovalating now ... and yester day i had the white looking discarge ... is that a igh of ovalation or pregnacy !!!


Viv - October 13

Discharge at ovulation is clear, like raw egg white, and will stretch between thumb and forefinger. Discharge during pregnancy is creamy, white, lotion like, perhaps like what you experience normally but more of it. Read http://www.fertilitext.org/ubb/Forum1/HTML/001500.html


... - October 31

I am not sure what to do cause I've had all the signs of me getting my period but I havn't yet. I know i am late but I am not sure how late cause my period was never on a set scheduale cause of sports. There has been discharge but still no blood. what should I do?


barbie - October 31

i missed four birthcontrol pills this month so i doubled up on them until i cought up and i had unprotected s_x ive been having awful headaches, at night i feel like im going to be sick. do you think i could be pregnant


Shell - November 1

erm i need a bit of help ppl... i had s_x the other week....and i went on a ride the other day and i was fainted 3 times and y-day i had mornin sickness wot do u think i should do?



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