I Think That I Might Be Pregnant

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susanmains - May 15

i have beautiful girls, and have not had a period for 3 months, i had one but it was only 1.5 days and not very heavy at all.not a normal one. i took a home pregnancy test several times but all have been negative. could i be pregnant.


LadyD - May 15

When was that period u had for 1.5 days? Around February? Are you irregular? Maybe you should see a dr. and take a blood test if all else fails.


linds99 - May 15

You haven't had a period for three months? And you have had several negtative tests, I suspect you might have amenorrhea for a number of reasons 1) Either you are pregnant and your blood is not acc_mulating the HCG 2) Your hormones are not working correctly 3) you could have poly cystic ovary syndrom which causes long cycles 4) you could have a cyst 5) your body weight has fallen to anorexia levels and lack of nutrition could cause ovulation/periods to halt. Do you have any of these? Are you having any pregnancy symptoms at all? I suggest calling your gynecologist at once, she can give you provera shot once it is deterimind there is no baby to stimulate your period. You need to menstruate and shed your uterine lining so in the future your baby can implant in the uterus properly.


susanmains - May 16

i just got off my period that only lasted 1.5 days. my period before that was the first weekened in feb. it only was 3 days. i am regular. about a month ago i felt like it was morning sickness but it stopped now i hardly am hungry, but i make myself eat just incase. never had this happen before


susanmains - May 23

i just found out that i am pregnant thank you for the help


linds99 - May 23

That is great susan, no period is a good period!!! Have a healthy pregnancy!


Lala - May 23

CONGRATS! How did you confirm the pregnancy?


Saird - May 23

Yes how did you confirm and how far along are you? COngratulations!


susanmains - May 25

i was tired of taking the test called ept and asked them they told me as long as there was a line in each box it was positive. then i went to the doctors i am 4 mnths.


mommyshannon - May 25

congradulations!!!! good luck!!!


jue - May 25

hi susan, I had the same thing happen to me when I got pregnant with my youngest son (he is now 13yrs old) I tried 4 differnt hpt's and they all came out negative, eventualy my doc did a blood test and it was positive, I was 4.5 months preg. I am now 5 weeks preg with my 3rd and got a positive hpt at 11dpo. there are more women who have the same problem out there than you realise. good luck and congratulations for the future.


LadyD - May 25

Congrats, susanmains! Was the period you had for 1.5 days normal, light, heavy? Just want to know for future reference. Good luck!


susanmains - May 25

it was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry light, that was what made me test.


BrendaW - May 25

4 months and hpt negative !! That sucks but congradulations on being pg!! :)


Emma2 - May 25

Susan, are you showing?


klweezy - May 25

This may be dumb, but how light was your period?


girl in Japan - May 26

I keep getting negatives pregnancy tests (even though missed period and pregnancy signs), but yet I still believe I am pregnant and your story gave me hope., Thanks!



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