I Think The Hospital May Have Messed Up My Scan

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rachel - November 26

About 6 - 7 weeks ago i fell pregnant, we were over the moon. I have since had a Scan only to find that the results of the scan are ectopic. I was administered methotrexate but to no avail, my hcg level is currently 5400 and still rising by large amounts, i have no pain, no bleeding, and am approximately 7 weeks pregnant. One week ago i had my scan and there was a suspicious sack by my ovary, no confirmed pregnancy in the uterus. I think the hospital may have scanned and seen a cyst on my tube, as i have got polycystic ovaries. I have since been told by doctors at the hospital that i need a re-scan, occurring monday 28th nov. I have also been told that there is a slim chance that it is a uterus pregnancy and if so, it would have to be taken away, as the methotrexate drug used, breaks down cells, and the baby would be deformed to say the least, with missing organs, etc. My partner and i have tried for the last 4 years on clomid, to no avail, we gave up, and 6 months later i fell pregnant naturally, i am gutted that this could ever happen. I hope and pray now that it is ectopic for the babys sake. My question to you all is this: Could the hospital have made a mistake, has anybody experienced similar as in ectopic with no bleeding or pain. I need answers, because at the minute you are all i have, i feel i cannot trust any doctors, are they lying to me. They also want me to have a second dosage of this drug, could it be to cover up a mistake. Do these things happen in real life, or am i just going over the top? Thankyou for listening to my problems.


Patti - November 26

Rachel, I'm so sorry for the suffering you're going through. I have no information on the subject, but you might find some info on a site called www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com. Their are a lot of stories and posts about Dr.'s and tests being wrong. Some of the ladies in the forum may be able to help. Good luck to you.


hi - November 27

I am sorry to read your situation, but I don't see why they would have any reason to lie to you. If it is an ectopic it should be removed for your health. I am surprised that they gave you that medicine prior to a second scan if the intention of it was to confirm the ectopic pregnancy or a regular pregnancy. Good luck to you and let us know what happens.



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