I Thought I Was Pregnanat But I M Confused

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Mela - March 28

Ok, I thought I was pregnant. I had the dark areolas, soreness in the br___t and increased tiredness. But one day I had some spotting in my panties (which isn't normal for me). I thought that was implantation bleeding. After that the very next day I was bleeding regularly for my period but it was a couple of days early. But during this period my bleeding is very bright red and normally it's dark red. ANd I have lighter clottings then normal. It's usually heavy blood clots. I'm really confuse what does this sound like to yall. Please help me.


Hope - March 28

If you are still unsure I'd take a pregnancy test just in case


Mela - March 28

I'm actually in your same boat, though I have just started that light spotting, I'm not sure how tomorrow will be yet, I think I am going to try to wait until either tomorrow if no blood tonight or after this "spotting" stops and try one more test. I just still feel prego, so probably just hopeful wishing.


Kathy - March 28

I'm in the same situation. I thought I was pregnant and was late on my period. I have taken 5 tests so far and all negative. Saturday I decided I'm not taking anymore and got really depressed. My symptons were and still are late period, sore b___sts, tiredness, food smells and tastes that I normally liked turning my stomach and I have gotten headaches the last 2 days. Everyone keeps telling me to stop taking the tests and just relax but I'm so anxious to know. Today I have very light pink bleeding which is not normal for me at all. I want this more than anything and I'm so afraid that I'm working myself up for a hard fall.


kw - March 28

I understand exactly how yall feel, my bleeding today is just so bizarre and not me, alot of it is just when I wipe so I am hoping it is just implantation bleeding but I'm also trying NOT to get my hopes up any higher than they already are. We weren't ttc but I want to start if I end up not being pg this month! I just want my baby! I sound so selfish....baby dust to all :)



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