I Took A Pregnancy Test Again This Morning

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lizabethy - October 21

I woke up this morning to POAS. I was researching implantation bleeding and the symptoms. It has me truely believing this has happened to me. Still the test came out with a . I felt depressed after this. Even confused about my body after I stayed up late last night praying that God would bless me with a sticky bean. Well when I got to work this evening I started feeling sick to my stomach. I bought a Whopper from Burger King and started eatting it but when I got halfway thru I ran to the bathroom. I got sick. I didn't throw up but I did get sick in other ways I prefer not to discusss. Anyway when I got back to my desk one of the girls I worked with asked me if I felt ok and I said I think I just got food poisoning. Another woman told me that if it was food poisoning it would take some time to show up. At any rate after that I've been feeling sick and I don't even feel like eatting now. Even smelling the whopper in the garbage under my desk made me ill. I got lucky and got to go home sick but I still feel it now about 1hour later. I'm even feeling sick like I should be laying down now or something. I'm not making any of this up and I'm not saying it because I want people to tell me I'm PG. I did some math. I started bleeding a bit on the 11th, 12th and then the 14th. If it really was implantation bleeding then I would get any PG hormone for at least 12 days. That would be this Wednesday of this week. Even if I wanted to test then...wouldn't it still be too earily? I mean don't you have to have the baby growing inside the womb for about 4 weeks before it would show up on a test or even 5 weeks? Some answers would be nice. I don't know the answers on when the best time to test is.


kelbabe - October 22

no, the baby doesnt have to be implanted or 4 or 5 weeks. think about it - you ovulate half way through your cycle, then you miss your period about 2 weeks later - so even though its cla__sed as being 4 weeks preg, its actually only 2! get me? maybe the hormone level isnt high enough. it doubles evry 2 days. so wait a few days, then test again. good luck x x


kendra.marie - October 22

yah you should be able to test i mean go to 3w's . peeonastick.com or 3's .twoweekwait.com they have people testing beofre 10 dpo & getting +s


Pearl - October 22

I didn't have any symptoms, but had my LMP on Jan 28 (26 day cycles), then tested on Feb. 18 and got a positive. I am going in for a repeat c-section on Wednesday...Don't know if that helps at all. I know it takes some people longer to get the positive result. My cousin was in her 3rd month before she had a test show up positive. Her hormone levels were just messed up due to irregular cycles and such. When she got pregnant, her body got REALLY confused. Her son is now 9 years old, happy and healthy.


kendra.marie - October 22

pearl amen! haha i have a 14 month odl daughter i was 12 weeks before postive urine & 34 before positive blood test. dont ask me why thats how my body worked so its werid.



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