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Cholie - December 3

Hey everyone... Well... I took a test, but... it said Negative! I don't understand why the test says No, but I still haven't gotten my period! Ray... My fiance, and I decided that we would wait until the 17th of this month to see if it comes, if not... we're going to take another one. that would be two months and three days with a no show period... with the exception of the 16th of november being my "spotting" day. ... WHAT SHOULD I DO?


b__terfly kisses - December 3

Hi Cholie... if there is a chance that you could be 9 weeks pregnant, you should probably call your doctor for a quant_tative hcg blood test... the blood test results will tell you within a few hours what exactly is going on. Some people don't spill the hormone over into their urine, and can only get positive blood tests. If the blood test is negative, than you are not pregnant, and they will likely give you something to bring on the period. Good luck! :o)


newlywed0915 - December 3

I'd go and get a blood test done at your docs office after that if you don't get a bfp. I was 25 days late before I got a bfp... and your symptoms really make me think you're preggo! A blood test will be able to tell you at that poitn whether or not you're pregnant. Are you irregular? What could have happened is that you ovulated later and therefore conceived like last month, or in the last few days, and that would explain why you are still getting a bfn...because you're too early...


planklg - December 3

Hi ladies-I'm going in for my blood test Thusday. Took 2 tests and negative but I've been regular for at least 3 years. I'm going on my 5th day late. Newlywed-When can a blood test be for sure? I'll be going in on my 8-9th day late. Is that enough time?? Thanks,Lee


newlywed0915 - December 4

I am not sure when a blood test would be accurate,because I went when I was 20 days late and got negative results. But an ept 5 days later gave me a faint positive. Also, they gave me the blood test that just says yes or no...like an hpt. Ask for the one that actually reads your hormone levels. That one will read the amount of hcg present in your blood. Thats the pregnancy hormone. I think thats whats called the quant_tative blood test. Ask for that one.


b__terfly kisses - December 4

Lee... a blood test... in the quant_tative form, is accurate from 2 weeks after s_x, and sometimes earlier... the qualitative form takes longer to be accurate, because they sometimes check for levels over 100 - sounds like that happened to newlywed.... if you were pregnant from s_x that happened ten days ago, or more, it would probably show on the quant_tative test... when I had mine done with my daughter at 10 dpo, my level was only 7, so I would have gotten a negative on the qualitative test too, but the sent me back in 48 hours to see if the level was rising or declining, and when I went back, the numbers were much higher... but still not over 100... so even though I was pregnant, it would not have showed on a qualitative... you always want to get the quant_tative one. Good luck! :o)


planklg - December 4

Thank you newlywed and bkisses. Quant_tative it is then. I go in Thursday. Thanks girls:) Lee



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