I Ve Been Reading This Board Way Too Much

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Teri - November 8

I have noticed a couple of times that when I am talking to my friend or my mother about these things, I catch myself using "AF", "O", "bedding", and whatever else. I think they think I have totally lost my marbles:) Hopefully I am not the only one. I have done it to DH a few times but I just get the "crazy" look from him!


suzieQ - November 8

I finally told my dh about this site. He knows i've been posting and that I read it a lot, but didn't realize until I told him how things are on here. Told him a few abbreviations (not cm though or ewcm - didn't want to scare him :) He thinks it's great, and he understands about all the abbreviations cause he's a computer geek!


Jen - November 8

LOL Teri, I almost said Af to my dh yesterday. You're not alone.


staci - November 8

teri you are not the only one! i haven't actually used the abbreviations but have caught myself on numerous occasions getting ready to!


DJ - November 8

For me it's not only the abreviations I find I'm checking it constantly - even at work and can't get things done because I'm trying to catch up - some how this stuff sucks you in


shauna - November 9

im from the uk and ive told all my work friends about it and they now all call their period af and they love the babydance,it does suck u in dj im reading the posts every night andi think will just look at one more then i ll go to bed,two hours later im still ther and fighting withdh because im hogging the computer found lots good info tho.


Mel - November 9

I don't think I've gotten through one day of work in the past 3 months without checking this site at least once! It has consumed me!! I referred to my friend's husband the other day as her dear husband...I'm an addict :)


geri - November 9

my dh is jealous of the time i spend on here,he dosent understand what a support it is.


Ash - November 9

Hey, I'm new to this sight and hubby and I just started trying last month so its all still a little new. I'm addicted to learning as much as i can on this site, and others. But could someone please explain some of the abbreviations to me? I've figured out a couple but the rest mystify me. Please help!


Em - November 9

Some are as follows. ttc is trying to concieve. af is aunt flo or your period. DH is dear husband, dd is dear daughter and ds is dear son. dpo is days past ovulation. cd is cycle day. O is ovulation. bd is baby dance, or bedding aka s_x. tww is two week wait (after o till af is due when you can test) any others you would liek to know?


Em - November 9

BBT is basel temp. CM is cerival mucus. CP is cervical postison. EWCM is egg white cervical mucus (when your cm is like raw egg whites) All I can think of for now...


Ash - November 9

Thanks Em, things are becoming alot clearer. LOL


Em - November 10

sure thing. A couple of neat websites to check out are= www.peeonastick.com and www.thetwoweekwait.com. Take any - that are in there. Sometimes when you post websites on this site, it adds dashes....



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