I Want To Trick My Boyfriend

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Sneekysnake - November 22

I want to have a baby and trick my boyfriend into giving me one. Any idea on how to do this?thanks


to Sneekysnake - November 22

What a stupid bloody thing to do. Why would you want to be so cruel and trick you boyfriend into giving you a baby. Have you talked to him about it, or is this some way to trap him?? I think you should talk to your boyfriend first, you never know he might want one also.


db - November 22

i'm tired of my tax dollars going to single mothers on welfare (ppl, i'm just generalizing - i know not all single mothers on welfare deserve what i said). i'm sure this is a fake post...no decent human being would be so stupidly deceitful!


Sneekysnake - November 22

welfare wouldn't be involved! My boyfriend is very well off. I just wanted some opinions, not judgement


amy - November 22

are you sure that you want to do that? dont you want to make sure he wants the baby as much as you do? i am not judging you at all i just think you may want to think about what you are doing? after you got pg would you let him know you did it on purpose or would you always act like it was an accident? how old are you? does he want kids just not right now, or not want them at all?


db - November 22

my apologies if you feel i'm pa__sing judgement. but this question is equivalent to someone that asks: "I have AIDS, should I tell my partner?" so what if your boyfriend is well off? did you think about him leaving you? how could you live with yourself after doing such an act? Have you read the news about all of these psychotic men killing their pregnant wives/girlfriends? Do you have any idea what kind of pressure having a kid could do to someone, especially if they don't want it to begin with? good luck to you and i hope you grow up mentally and emotionally.


Cindy - November 22

I saw this in a movie. (european) Tell him you are going off birth control (if you are on it) because of a few tests you need done. Then use condoms. First open the condom package carefully and put small holes in the tip. Then put it back in the package. I've never thought that Jerry Springer's guests were real. You've proved me wrong.


Sneekysnake - November 22

how many holes do you think would do the trick?thanks


gh - November 22

Are you on birth control, if so, just go off of it and pretend like your still on it.


you'recrazy - November 22

tell me this isn't for real. no wonder the world is going to hell in a handbasket...


????? - November 22

R U 4 REAL ????? how long u bin with this fella 4 ? do u really think if he finds out u tricked him hes gonna stand by u ?????


Amy - November 22

Is this Lisa?


melanie - November 22

OMG...Amy give it up. No I am not Lisa, but wanted to defend her! She never made up stupid posts or said anything hateful. She was honest. Now with every post you and others are saying is this Lisa. I pity the fact someone like you is trying to get pregnant. People with such ignorance and immaturity should not be parents.


Deb - November 22

Well said, this Lisa stuff is getting ridiculous! Leave the girl alone already!


bri - November 22

OMG... how old are you? Seriously think about what you are doing. It's unfair to him and the baby.


Kitty - November 23

I'm not here to judge, but one thing I want to make clear is if you manipulate ur boyfriend by tricking him, the trust will be gone. I know if I did something like that my boyfriend would leave me. I know myself I'd love to have a kid, but I'm not going to risk betraying his trust.


Flacie - November 23

what a terrible thing to do. My bf wanted this baby so you better tell him before you getg pregnant.



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