I Was 26 Days Late And FINALLY GOT MY BFP

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newlywed0915 - October 15

Just for all of you who are still getting bfns but have the symptoms, don't lose hope! Trust your instincts and bodily signals. I had all kinds of symptoms: fatigue, disharge, cramps, headaches, nausea, erect nipples....and I got 6 BFNs and 1 negative blood test! I took a test on Saturday morning, at 26 days and no AF, and got a faint bfp! I wanted to make sure bc my friend was getting married and i didn't know whether or not I could drink. Anyway, I took another test this morning and got a very bold BFP. Hubby and I were at Barnes and Nobles all day reading pregnancy books! We bought a journal and a couple other books. Anyway- I'm 8 weeks today. I'm glad I found out, because the next couple weeks are extremely crucial in the baby's development. So, have faith, hold out hope, and keep testing until AF or that BFP shows!!!!


michelly4 - October 15

Congrats to you. I am having all the symptoms too but cant test till Fri !


trdnnclk - October 15

newlywed0915~~******Congrats happy nine months******


Doubleal - October 15

Congrats newlywed!!!!!! have a happy and healthy nine months!!!!


kelbabe - October 15

congrats, h&h pregnancy. x x


ma1008 - October 15



jamers - October 15

congrats newlywed! did you ever get a prediction from Cheri at all?


newlywed0915 - October 15

Thanks for the congrats everyone! Now I just pray for a healthy pregnancy. No, I never talked to the baby prediction lady.


alisara - October 16

Hi Newlywed! I just had to tell you that I had been following your posts...and that is great news! Isn't it funny how you just know your body! Congrats to you and have a great 9 months! :-)


kcnae3 - October 16

Yay! I feel like you did. When did you have your blood test done? I have some other questions I would love to ask you.


newlywed0915 - October 16

Thanks for the congrats girls! Ask away at anything. I had a wide spectrum of symptoms. Some very weird too. Just things your body doesn't normally do on a regular basis...or even during your period. So if you have any questions, I'll do my best to help you. Baby dust to all.


kcnae3 - October 16

I posted my questions earlier under "my situation" could you read that and tellme your input?


kcnae3 - October 16

It is under pregnancy symptoms....I have a situation...



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