I Was Wondering If Anyone Has

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Jill7 - January 10

I was wondering if anyone has experienced multiple miscarriages, doctors found nothing wrong (bad luck) and continued to have a healthy baby? We have been ttc our first child and had a mc 5/19/05 @ 11weeks and 1/8/06 @ 6.5wks. I would love to hear any feedback! Thanks.


Meg - January 10

WOW! I am fortunate to have no experience with miscarriages, but I just wantedt to express my sympathies and kudos on your approach just days after your second miscarriage. Best of luck!


LS - January 10

yes - my sister in law had 2 miscarriages and has since had 2 healthy pregnancies & has 2 beautiful little boys!


Dionne - January 10

I had 3 mc while ttc, this is going back 8yrs ago, and then had another 1 at 11wks pg 2mths before I fell pg with my ds, that was 4yrs ago. Hope this helps.


jeanette - January 10

Jill, I have had 3 m/c's and three healthy babies! Keep on truckin darlin!!


Seredetia - January 10

Not personal experience, but my aunt had about 12 miscarriages (yes...12), and I have a wonderful cousin by her. :) It is possible to have healthy children after a miscarriage -- especially with my aunt! She had terrible bleeding problems and a lot of other health problems, but her daughter (my cousin) has none whatsoever. :) Hope that helps!!


teeniemoon - January 11

Let's see if I can get this right.... I had 1dd, 6 years later had 2nd dd, and then 2 years later a m/c. Just two months later got pg with my 3rd dd. Now for my best friend... m/c, ds, m/c, dd, m/c, ds, m/c, dd, and is 13 wks pg now. 9 pregnancies and only 4 little ones. Hopefully to be 5 little ones here soon. :) They never found anything to be wrong with her, ever... Hope this helps :) Sticky baby dust to you all :)


Jill7 - January 12

Thank you all for your responses. I know it will happen, sometimes it just seems to get me down.


Jen73 - January 12

Justifiably so:) ((((HUGS)))) Keep your chin up.


kimberly - January 12

Hi this was my first miscarriage. I lost my baby at 12 weeks on Dec 1st. Still greiving but am going to tru this month. I got my period on Jan. 5th. I have figured I will ovulate on the 19th, wish me luck and I am so sorry for all of our loses!



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