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ANDREA - March 4

my period start January 10 end January 17 2005 and we have s_x February 7 he didnt came inside and i havent get my period i did several test and today came negative iam 15 days late so what should i do?


what do you think you should d - March 4

dont you think you should call a doctor !!!!!


ummm - March 4

Uh if nothing went inside....unless pre-c_m entered then I don't think you have much to worry about...maybe your just stressed out, but if you are seriously concerned then you should talk to your doctor


Grandpa Viv - March 4

You were expecting a period February 17th (long cycle, almost 40 days). You would have been unlucky to get pregnant from s_x 10 days before your period. The highest chance is 13 to 17 days before. If you don't have any other signs (check Am I Pregnant link to the left) there's a good chance you have skipped a cycle. I would test one more time a week from now and if still negative see what happens when your next period is due. Good luck.


me - March 4

Andrea, you can get pregnant from pre-c_m and the longer he holds off an orgasm the more likely it is for him to get prec_m inside of you. You also can be missing a period due to stress. are you usually normal? If so id probably go get a blood test done.their more accurate. or test once a week until your af comes. If you dont want to get pregnant u should really think about bcp..condoms...or other types of birth control. or maybe think about closing your legs and opening a book...best of luck to you


Olga - June 26

Hi iam 19yrs iam 1month pregnant iam experiencing abdominal pains not very serve i dont experience morning sickness but my b___st are growning big,i sleep alot and eat alot too.for the fisrt trimester will i need any vitamin tablets or any tablets to take during this period of my pregnancy?


Tamara to OLGA - June 26

hello, you should get yourself on some prenatal vitamins and folic acid right away...these will help ensure a healthy baby. you can go to your local drugstore and purchase them...they s/b over the counter...they are in canada anyhow. goodluck and see your dr...you need to have regular checkups when pregnant.



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