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elizajane - December 29

Hi- I this may have tmi but i need help- I am 8/9dpo, I didn't track this month b/c I just wanted to see if it happened without me being nerotic : ) For the past 3 days I have had some mild cramping with increased CM- very thick and whitish...i just went to the bathroom and there was excessive CM with blood- sorry for tmi- could this be IB? Any help would be appreciated- LMP was Dec 7th and I am due on January 4th....thanks : )


Aimes - December 29

elizajane--I had the same thing happen to me. I wasn't temping or using OPKs becuase I had the flu for a few days and it threw me off. Last week on the 22nd I had brownish CM, so i thought maybe IB. It woud be early for me, as i normally have 30-35 day cycles. In answer to your question, it could be, but not positive about that. I've looked online, but no good answers. Have you tested? I tested this morning and BFN. I believe i could e as far as 13 dpo, or as early as 7 or 8 dpo. keep me posted


Stacey - December 29

Going from your last AF, if this just happened to you now... it very well could be IB. I think it's a little late. But that doesn't mean anything. ALl women are different. ANd not all get IB. And the ones that do get it differently. Some with just spotting... others with what seems to be a weird normal period. Hope this helps you some.... Let us know how it goes.


elizajane - December 29

i think i am anywhere from 7-9 dpo- i dont know because i wasn't tracking- this may be tmi- but for the past 4 days I have been getting very big globs- sorry of white lotiony cm and this morning i went to the bathroom and it was that with red blood in it? sorry to be gross but you can't really talk about this stuff with anyone else : ) I have been a little crampy with sharp pains on my side...i am not going to test until saturday


bex - December 29

I think this is promising, it sounds like IB to me, I think you are wise to wait until saturday to test.


elizajane - December 29

i read that IB is anywhere from 6-10 dpo , so i am in that range, i keep having wierd cramping and feelings in my abdomen...



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