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stef - April 30

my cycle is 11 days late now, i was wondering when i should take a test and get a definate neg or pos? i know they arent 100% reliable, i just want some idea! what kind of symptons? and when is the ealiest they start? ANYadvice would be appreciated.


jena - April 30

you can and need to take one now. you can take it as early as the day you missed your period. the only reason i say you need to take it is because if you are pregnant, you need to start taking prenatal vitamins and see your doctor - good luck and I hope things work out how you want them to!


Berly - April 30

When I had my missed period I was so in denial I thought oh it will come next week ...Never did! I think I waited about 11 - 13 days and all 3 test I took came out post_tive! So good luck let us know how it goes!


stef - May 1

thank you for your quick replies. if all goes well it will be neg...i have never had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend, whenever we do make love we are both protected, we use condoms and foam. maybe a fluke? how could we be so dumb?!


Grandpa Viv - May 1

Condoms plus foam give excellent protection. Early signs can start a week before AF and include fatigue, more peeing, digestive system changes, unusual b___b changes, discharge, unusual aches pains and cramps, appet_te changes, food likes and dislikes, smell sensitivity. If none of this rings a bell and a test is negative you should look for other causes. Good luck!


Jo - May 1

Jena... I heard you're expecting twins... am I correct... and if either you or Grandpa Viv know approx. when you'd start to show for twins if its any earlier then just a single pregnancy I'd like to know. I don't see the doc until Friday, but I'm 7wks and already went up two pants sizes lol


stef - May 1

thanks for your input Grandpa Viv i havent experienced any of those ...hopefully just a late cycle. thank you for all of your support. i am going to take a test thurs or fri....if it is pos i have the weekend to calm down before going back to work!


nica - May 1

my symptoms started just a few days ovulation! they were: increased urination, sore gums, constipation, tiredness and engorged b___sts.



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