Idk If Its The Flu Or Pregnancy Symptoms HELP

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WorriedGirl - April 16

I woke up 4 mornings ago at 3am feeling like I had the flu. I started throwing up. By 4am I went to the hospital, they took blood, urine, and gave me some medicine. I stopped throwing up, now i have diarrhea, and waves like im still gunna be sick. I am on BC and the last time i had s_x was 3 weeks ago, and i've taken 3 pg tests and all neg. i took my last one mon evening. My first question is, do they automatically do PG tests when you go into the hospital? Could I be pregnant?


WorriedGirl - April 16

Also, could this be food poisoning? I was on the depo for a year, i was suppose to get my next shot in Feb but I didnt go. I've been on the pill for almost 2 weeks. I haven't had a period either due to the depo.


Grandpa Viv - April 16

No family doctor? It sounds like you got some kind of stomach bug. Now maybe you have a reaction to the meds they gave, or the meds only part way worked. I think the first step might be to Google "side effects [mymeds]" or take the meds to the local pharmacist when they are not too busy. Next you might call the hospital and tell them that your visit to the emergency room has left you with questions you need answered. Sure, take another home preg test, but my guess is that it will still be negative. GL!


WorriedGirl - April 16

The only meds that they did give me was for the throwing up. It only took the edge off so it wasn't as bad. I was also having upper back pain too, and I have celiacs disease so when i have "attacks" it causes me to hurt and they had givin me pain meds too. They also took a UA and blood test so wouldn't they most likely have taken a pg test too?


WorriedGirl - April 16

and also I am feeling better today. Wed and Thurs i felt miserable. I am able to get around and not sleep all day and feel a little more active.


Grandpa Viv - April 17

Celiac is no fun! My guess is that they would not have done a preg test at the hospital. To set your mind at ease, take one more home test a week after the last. GL!


WorriedGirl - April 18

Well Grandpa Viv, i tested again today and a big negatory. I may go see a dr. I am still having waves of bein sick so im not sure. After three weeks of having intercourse a test should be able to pick up pregnancy or not right?


Grandpa Viv - April 18

Yes, the test would most likely be positive three weeks after. Occasionally it takes longer. What makes me doubt you are pregnant is that I have never seen someone complain of throwing up as the primary early sign. If you can afford a doc, you should def get an expert a___lysis.


blondie37 - April 18

hi, im 14 dpo today and af has not shown up...ive been having cramps for 2 weeks but im still getting a sharp stabbing pain in my right groin and it also shoots down my right leg....feeling nauseas and very tired...veins seem to be prominent all over my chest arms legs and sides of abdoomen, b___bs aching and feeling slightly fluey and off colour, i have watery white discharge and my temps have been ranging between 99.1 to 99.9 over the past few days...i took a hpt today at 14 dpo and it said negative..could i still be pregnant or could i have some sort of virus thanks


Grandpa Viv - April 19

Did you have a contraceptive mishap in the days leading up to ovulation? Yes, you have some early pregnancy signs, but the stabbing pain is not right. Since the signs started right at ovulation time, it makes me wonder if you have an ovary problem. In your situation I think I would be calling the doc today. GL!


blondie37 - April 19

yes did have a little mishap 2 days before ovulation :) its 15 dpo no period and now i have alot of creamy discharge...the stabbing pain has eased off with just slight cramping but i think i will go to my gp to make sure i have not got a cyst or any other problems ...thanks :)


hope1 - April 26

hello I've been experiencing a few things and wondering if I can get some advice possibly? So my fiance and I. Have unprotected s_x a couple times a week we aren't exactly ttc but we aren't preventing it either...with us, whatever happens, happens. So I have a pretty reliable 28 day cycle. The past week or so I've been feeling nauseous.. also..I've been having a milky so to speak discharge, which usually I only have discharge when ovulating. But back to nausea, not all the time but the majority of the time when I eat I get nauseas..also when I smell certain things. I've been urinating a lot as well...but I do that normally so its hard to tell if I'm doing it more than normal. Exhaustion has hit me as well. I could get I full night or more of sleep and only be awake for few hrs and take a three hr nap and STILL Be tired... I was due for my period today and I thought I got it...usually I am light at first...and right on schedule it was light...but this time very light....not even cose to filing up a tampon (tmi?) Alo..the color was was a dark brown...and stretchy? So I don't know if its my period or not...also my cervix is very high...I an barely reach seems to be softer but like I said I could barely reach cervix is usually low but I've nver checked so close to I don't know if all or even any of these could mean I'm pregnant...but I'm also experiencing light..very mild I could be catching a bug or maybe my period is just changing due to stress o something....opinions?


hope1 - April 26

Also..idk if this changes anything...but I have also been extremely thirsty...way more than normal!


hope1 - April 26

Also I've been very mood...I have been getting annoyed very easy as well...yesterday i my fiance was opening a piece of candy and I snapped at hbim because the openeing of the paper was too whoa...again this couldjust be chalked up to pms


hope1 - April 26

Sooo sorry to post yet again..I just keep think of more things....I'm also extremely bloated....


hope1 - April 27

Imeant to say my cervix is usually low but I haven't ever checked so close to af...but right now it s high can barely reach it



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