Idk Maybe Pregnant

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Jessica_P - May 6

Hi All! My last normal period was March 9th. Lasted about 6 days like always! I was supposed to start on April the 5th. Instead on April 8th I had light pink the 8th and the 9th [[barely anything]] then NOTHING on the 10th! The 11th, 12th, and 13th I had a brown discharge but only when I wiped! I have br___t tenderness/soreness on and off, I'm extremely exhausted, nausea, heartburn, frequent urination, headaches, I just feel pregnant, I have two children so I know what it feels like to be pregnant~Anyways, Assuming that April 8th was my period I should have started my period on May 5th!!! Nothin I know I'm only one day late but I don't even feel like my period is gonna start. I'm trying to wait it out atleast a week and see what happens! Thanks!


HappyAsh - May 6

you should test now. If you are preggers, you would be far enough along to test.


Jessica_P - May 6

Thanks HappyAsh! That's what I was thinkin, but I had like 10 negatives with my second son before I found out I was actually pregnant-even at the doctors office, I was almost 4 months before I got a positive. Which was strange to me because it was a normal pregnancy and he was healthy. I don't know if I'm bloated or gaining weight, but my jeans are tight now, to the point were they are umcomfortable! Anyways, thanks for your comment and I will test soon!!


nicky - May 7

My last period was around March 22nd. It only lasted about 5 days. I have no idea when I may have ovulated. I have taken a couple pregnancy test and they were negative. However, I have had peroid like symotoms for weeks now. I have noticed in the past couple of days that my b___st are sore as well. Jessica- you said you were 4 months before you found out you were pregnant with your son. Did you have all the symptoms? I have a 2 and a half year old. I feel alot like I did when I was pregnant with him. Why the negative test?????


Jessica_P - May 7

I had the symptoms, and I had begun to think I was just going crazy. My Doctors never gave me a reason as to why they all came out negative. I thought surely that all those pregnancy test I took couldn't be duds. There's no explaination for it, I guess just sometimes your body or the pregnancy test want to fool you! How long is your cycle nicky?? And you didn't have a period at all in April? If your cycle is regular every month and you have a 28 day cycle, wait until next weekend to see if you start your may period. If no period still, test again, If you still get negative's, try going to the doctor. I hope everything works out the way you want it to!!! Good luck!! And if you need anyone to talk to I'm on here everyday!!!


Grandpa Viv - May 7

Occasionally we see posts about women who were way late getting a positive test. It seems like a good bet under these circ_mstances is to wait until missing a second period, then go ask for an ultrasound to see if there is a cyst. Meanwhile, act as though pregnancy is a real possibility. Good luck!


nicky - May 7

Jessica - my cycle is usually 30 days give or take. I did not have a period at all in April. There was one day when I wiped and there was a browish pink discharge, but that was all. Just that once. I guess I will have to test again in a week or so. Thanks for the support. When are you going to test again?


Jessica_P - May 7

I had the brownish discharge in April around the time I should have started my period!! Which confused me but I know it was not a normal period for me! I am extremely exhausted these days and I feel like I live in the bathroom!! Still no sign of a period. Not unless I'm just gonna be really late. But that still doesn't explain those weird few days in April! Nicky I will probably test this weekend and we'll see what happens!! I also seem to be able to smell things from a mile away.


kimberly - May 8

Jessica, it wouldn't hurt to test now just to see. You may be surprised and actually see a positive. The smell thing was always a dead give away for me. The light period you had may have been implantation. Other possibilities though is your hormones could just be out of whack. Good Luck!


Jessica_P - May 8

Thanks! I think I will test tomorrow since it's better to test with first morning urine! I was thinking april could have been implantation but who knows. I will be back to let everyone know what the results are!!! I have been trying not to think about it too much because I didn't want to trick myself into thinking I'm pregnant if I'm actually not! But thanks everyone!!


nicky - May 8

Just an update...I started today. I am relieved, because now I know that I am not pregnanct. It has been really light compared to normal, but I think it is definetly a peroid.


mamahopeful - May 9

hi all, Nicky continue to monitor your bleeding see if it developes. If you continue spotting like before speak to your ob?gyn. even if your tests are negative u need to make sure all is well, ie no cysts present etc. as for me i am waiting for a period or time to test. My cycles are not regular so i have no idea but i think i ovulated on May 3 and had u.p. s_x twice...i have been cramping for the last two days and i'm very tired. i'm trying not to worry will update as soon as i know anyhting.


HappyAsh - May 11

What's going on Jessica?


Jessica_P - May 13

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you ladies!! I tested this past friday [[negative]] I spent the rest of the weekend in the hospital with my 5 year old, [[he fell down saturday while outside playin and broke his elbow]] And had to have surgery or I would have been back quicker. I started yesterday, Don't know what's up with my cycle but it is for sure a real period!! Heavy like normal. So anyways sorry it took me so long to update!! I will defiantly mark my calendar and maybe my cycle will get back on track!!! Thanks Ladies!!!! Good luck to everyone that is TTC!!!! That's great nicky!! Mamahopeful, I hope you get the outcome your looking for! Good Luck!!!!


fadi - May 17

Hi ladies. Im 12 days past my period due date and still getting neg results. i have spotted 5 days after period was due but sooo light i didnt have to wear a pad it was just there when i wiped..I already have 2 sons. My b___sts are a little tingly but thats it really. Really would like another child now has my youngest is 4 now. these hpt are costing me a fortune the phamacist knows me by name now LOL!! what do u think could i be pregnant or just a very light period?


HappyAsh - May 19

Try the dollar store. They have cheapo tests!


Mandypants - May 20

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I've never been pregnant, and my husband and I BD a few times around the time I think I was ovulating (based on CD and CM). I am now on CD23, and have been nauseaus for about 5 days, it's a constant vague queasy-burny feeling in my stomach. My appet_te has actually decreased, and no food sounds good. I seem to be more sensitive to smells, but that could be my mind playing tricks on me. My bbs are sore, but not moreso than usual for this time of the month. I actually seem a little less emotional than I usually am with PMS. I am defintely feeling bloated, and a little ga__sy and constipated. I have had cramps on and off for about the last week also, some like af cramps some more like sharp muscle spasms in my lower back, but nothing I would describe as tugging or pinching in my uterus like I often see described. I have always been a frequent urinator, so I haven't noticed an increase there. Also, I'm not extremely fatigued like I would expect, although I am a runner and my last several runs have been more difficult than normal. I tested yesterday and it was BFN, not suprised at all because af is not due for another 5-8 days. Do these seem like pregnancy symptoms, or am I going crazy? I would have to say the persistant heartburn/nausea feeling is the most obviously different thing I am experiencing. Oh, and I also have a lot of CM (sometimes, other times when I check it is fairly dry), more than when I actually think I ovulated. Help, queasy and anxious here!



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