If Baby Is Dead Will The Preg Test Still Be Positive

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nica - March 11

My baby died over a week ago. If I took a preg test now will it still show up as positive? I just want to make sure before I get a D&C that I'm definitely carrying a dead one.


chriss - March 11

Nica, I'm so sorry for your loss. I cannot be certain, but if your baby died over a week ago, your body would have stopped producing hormined several days before this. A test should not come back positive. But I am not an expert. Anyone else out there who might now for certain?? When I had a m/c recently, as I was going through it, I tested just to make sure and the test came back negative (after a previous positive test).


Serenna - March 11

How do u know it's dead? Did u have a miscarriage?


chriss - March 11

I meant to say "hormone" sorry about that!


Misty - March 11

I had a miscarriage in Jan. I was in the forum for pregnancy loss and miscarriaga, you might want to go there. It is very helpfull and comforting to be able to talk to women going through the same thing you are. As far as your test result it isn't unusual for it to still be positive recently after a m/c. It normally takes 2-3 weeks for the HCG levels in your body to drop back to 0 after you miscarry. You need to go see your doctor. He/she will be able to tell you if the baby died and if you need to have a D&C or not. Not having one if you need it can give you an infection that will make it harder for you to get pregnant and carry full term. Go see your doctor.


Nica - March 11

Thanks everyone to the quick responses to my post. At my last ultrasound, at 7. something weeks, there was no heartbeat and an enlarged yolk sac. DOctors were confident the embryo was dead, andin fact I dont know if it's heart ever even started as my U/S at just under six weeks didn't show a heartbeat either (it continued to grow however so it probably did start beating, and then stopped. ) Yes it's difficult... wanted this so much.



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