If He Didnt Cum Inside Me Could I Still Get Preg

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katie - May 5

he didnt c_m inside me we didnt use protection but im just feeling preg. so if he didnt c_m inside could i be preg.


yes - May 5

usually s____n is a component of becomming pregnant. Pre-c_m comtains enough sperm to get you pregnant. If you were sitting on the couch with your clothes on, then no you won't get pregnent. Did he come in his hand and then shove it inside you? Yes, you can get pregnant from that.


Jamie - May 5

I'm dealing with that EXACT same thing. That's what me and my boyfriend do, and for the past couple days I've been ridiculously paranoid (late period, plus some other symptoms). I did some research on the "withdrawal" method, and basically the s____n can still be inside his urethra and come out in the pre-c_m. If you have s_x more than once in a short time, your chances increase. Thats what scares me. We do it a lot, sometimes 2 time a night or even 2 times in a row. I told him last night that I thought I was possibly pregnant, so we'll see. I'm going to take an HPT in the next couple days if AF doesn't show up.


Cree - May 7

if he didn't come in you,you are not pregnant unless both of you had your clothes of and he got excited or what eva and it got and you or something but he has to come in you to get pregnant or unless he comes on his hands and shoves it up you


Jamie - May 7

Cree, yes, you can get pregnant without teh actual ejaculation. There's PRE-c_m that comes out in small amounts DURING s_x, and that is enough to get a girl pregnant. Even if he pulls out. Believe me, I've been researching this, so before you give out advice please make sure you know what you're talking about. I spent HOURS reading up on this and not a SINGLE thing I read told me you couldn't get pregnant. So know your facts before you start telling people what's up. You're giving out false information.



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