If I Have A 28day Cycle But A 10 Day Luteal Phase Would

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JR - October 25

Would a hpt be negative 14 dpo? Is it possible? I had a very very light AF, thinking it might have been implantation. I have taken the First Response early test and neg. I have symptoms of pregnancy...I have been pregnant three times, one live birth - others m/c's....has anyone else had this happen and then be pregnant? When I say light AF it was one day late....started with brown spotting, then it turned red, but no clots - more watery?? did that for one 1/2 days then back to brown spotting, which has been a little on and off since last Saturday. Very confused and so want to be pregnant. Our last pregnancy ended in a missed m/c last January at 10 weeks...baby measured 8...had my D&C end of January....still not pregnant...at least I don't think I am. I Would love to be though. Anyone??


anyone - October 25

Hey I was hoping I could get some replies from women who have had this happen. Thanks so much in advanced for your help


mia - October 26

yes it is possible for a hpt to be negative 14 dpo they usually say that is the earliest you could get a positive.I tested positive 17 dpo i did try at 14 days but it didn't show,my leutal phase is 11 days.goodluck.


Casey - October 26

hey i had the same sort of thing i got what looked to be my period a day early from wen due it was lighter and the blood was darker i spotted for a few days before i got it , i have early pg signes like dizzy,light headed,tired etc, i just noticed last nite that i have has more discharge from doewn stairs, i took a hpt 12 or so days past ovulation it came up neg im gonna take a hpt tomorrow see what it says if u would like to talk more please email me [email protected] good luck


Becca D - October 26

Hey thanks for your responses guys. Mia, did you have any spotting? So you tested at 14dpo and nothing? then waited til 17 dpo?Casey, how did your test go? How many dpo are you?


mia - October 26

no becca no spotting,bloated and needing the toilet all the time.yes 17 dpo definetly positive line tested 18dpo and thicker darker line.


Casey - October 26

hey it was negative again :(


Becca D - October 27

I'm sorry to hear that Casey.... I'm holding out a little bit longer...and then I think I'll take one more test. I've still felt a little crampy and what not...so I don't know if it's all in my head or what. I just know the last three times i was pregnant, I felt this way!!!


bump - October 27




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