If Pregnant Do You Still Feel Like Your Period Is Coming

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strongwill19 - May 3

i was just wondering this because my friend who was pregnant last year (miscarried) stated that she thought she was getting hers but she knew she was pregnant


Amber #2 - May 3

Yes, PMS symptoms and early pregnancy symptoms can be very similar. I've heard many women say that they feel as though AF is coming when in fact they are pregnant. I, on the other hand, do not really get any warning signs of AF, so it usually just surprises me!


Emma2 - May 3

Early pregnancy symptoms are exactly like PMS symptoms...this is caused by progesterone hormone.


strongwill19 - May 3

well i can let you know by tomorrow. But I'm supposed to get my period around this time, and my b___sts hurt on the sides where the bra rests and is moving towards the middle, and I'm feeling like I'm getting my period. So I'll just have to keep an eye on it


Nat22 - May 3

I had NO IDEA I was pregnant until I actually got the postive on my test after being 9 days late for my period. I didn't think I was pregnant because I had the same symptoms I always have before AF is coming (cramping, moodiness, bloating, sore bbs). I thought I was just late because of stress... I was very shocked when I got a BFP. The funny thing is, the only thing that made me somewhat worry is that I started having bad cramps right after I had an orgasm, it was very strange.


Steff - May 3

I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant and I still feel like AF is going to arrive anytime!


singlem0m - May 3

Oh yeah, I very much felt that way. I had such strong cramps that I got up, took some advil, got a 'product' and went back to bed. I thought it was strange when I woke up and there was still nothing there. I didn't feel any different than from regular P.M.S.


Suebee - May 3

Of those of you that felt like AF was coming but ended up pregnant, did you also chart? I feel as though I may be pregnant and AF is due anytime now but this morning my temp dropped from 36.51-36.22 (below my coverline). I know a drop is not always indicitive of AF but I don't know enough about charting to know if it's a sure thing when your temp drops. Does anyone know? Thanks!


hthab - May 3

Yes!!! I've only been pregnant for about 17 days, and for the past 6 days, I've been having cramps all the time that feel exactly like AF cramps.


strongwill19 - May 3

i haven't been getting cramps after orgasms..but every once in a while i feel like AF is coming. I don't even remember exactly what day my fiance ejaculated inside me


Kelly - May 3

I am pregnant now and def feel like AF is going to arrive. Suebee I charted as I was on Clomid and my temp never dipped below the coverline but my friend who is also preg said hers dipped a few times.


strongwill19 - May 3

when you say temp what are you referring to. and what is the norm? what is below norm? because i want to start keeping track of it to see if I notice a difference


Suebee - May 3

KELLY.. thanks for that. I just wondered if anyone ever had a drop in temps and still ended up getting a bfp. STRONGWILL19...everyone's temp is different so there is no norm. Go on www.fertilityfriend.com and that will give you a basic membership for free and it willl explain how to temp and chart. I actually paid for the vip membership.. think it was $20 Canadian or something like that, and it gives you all the bells and whistles.. so basically more stuff to play with. It's well worth the extra money to pay for it. Also, there is a book called "taking charge of your fertility" by Toni Weschler that is very, very good. And I think that www.ovusoft.com also has a free program but don't quote me on that one... Hope that helps and thanks again KELLY. And btw, my 1st pregnancy.. which ended in m/c unfortunately, I did have symptoms very similar to AF. Hope that helps!


strongwill19 - May 4

I took my temp last night.... 98.9 This morning 98.0 odd?


Nell143 - May 4

I just got a BFP this morning and the past 3 days i have had af cramps which is abnormal for me. I only usually get them right before af shows her ugly face but for 3 days she ahs been a no show.


strongwill19 - May 4

oh the agony! I feel like AF is coming....Still nothing..... really tight cramps in lower abdomen area. Didn't have breakfast...running late....Just ordered chinese food....45minutes! I had to cheat and get pretzels


Lin - May 4

Suebee - I have never once in the eight months or so I've been reading this site seen someone report a drop in temp after about 12 or 13 dpo and still been pregnant. It is possible to have a single one-day temp drop with a rise back up the next day, but if it's down for two or more days, it's probably down for good. Strongwill - Nighttime temps mean absolutely nothing, and your basal temp (first morning before you eat or drink anything or even get out of bed) only means something if you know what your follicular phase temps are.



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