If U Know A Lot About Pregnancy Please Help Me

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meggie - October 3

okay, i have two questions. I know it sounds stupid, but usually people ask stupid questions when they are scared. let me first start off by saying i am 5 days late for my period. a little while ago my bf fingered me BUT he might have had semen onhis fingers, if he did not a lot, just like damp...if you know what i mean. can i be pregant? and what is the possibility that i am form that? and what the h__l does tenderness in the bress feel like?


me - October 3

the tenderness can be anything from an ache or if someone touches them, they can feel uncomfortable, it is rare to get preg frm oral s_x as generally sperm dies 7 secs after contact in air, but he would have had to finger you quite deep, sorry for tmi, for swimmers to get up there, if you are worried it could delay you period, try to relax, if you still havent had a period in a week but a test and to to someone you can confide in. good luck


keekee - October 3

I would take a pregnancy test to help ease your mind. If he had s____n on his fingers while touching your v____a there is a chance of pregnancy. Not very likely but you can be pregnant. You could go to Planned parenthood. The clinic's doctor would give you an exam and tell you if you're pregnant or not. This exam will likely be free or low cost. You need to protect yourself. Think about getting on some B/C and always use condoms. Make sure you have your boyfriend wash his hands before coming near you. You don't want an infection. Honey, the sore b___sts could mean oncoming period also. Stress and a change of cycle could delay a period. take care


Gemma - October 3

There is probably a small possibility of you being pregnant if he had s____n on his fingers. Were you ovulating at the time? You ovulate 14 days before your next period is due to start and at this time and a couple of days before and after you are most fertile. Take a pregnancy test to be sure but I wouldn't worry too much.


Holly - October 3

Meggie, your chances are small, but it is "possible". Ladies, as long as the sperm are not dry, they aren't dead. But your chances are still very slim. Your delayed period, can be due to stressing over being pregnant. And b___st tenderness can be due to your period getting ready to start. Take a blood test if you are truley worried. It would be positive by now.



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