Im 12 And Might Be Pregnant Help

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Anna - February 10 12 and i had s_x like the 20th of JAN. and i havent gotten my period yet its souposed to be like anytime frm the 15th to the 20th im so scared i havent really had any signs ecpect that i got the flu and i have been feeling a lil dizzy and nuasus...i have taken 3 tests so far and all say im not! What do you think?


cant stand it - February 10

dont you know they only have s_x to feel like big girls...girls get it??? wonder why so many are on welfare...and who has to pay for it? the ones who work their b___t off and can barely make it,,and the GIRLS sit home with 3 kids and knocked up with nothing to worry about cause we are paying for them to keep having babies!!!!


use your brain - February 10

if you want to be a big girl then do what big girls do... get on protection and use your head.....not your v____a !!!!,,,i totally agree with the others,,, what if she was your kid?? how would you feel? dont say you would be supporative when she is only 12....


sara - February 10

why dont you go tell your mom you think you might be pregnant....yeah ,,thats what i thought...dont dare hah???


sammy - February 10

oh what big language for a 12 year old !!!!!!


kali - February 10

call planned parenthood... they can give you answers..


Anna - February 10

Thank you Kali


j - February 10

anna, i have two comments. 1) it is good you came to a forum to ask for help. i would go talk to your mom as well, or to planned parenthood. or to a school councilor. keep on taking pregnancy tests once a week. if you still don't get your period, and the tests are still negative, go to a doctor's. 2) get on birth control. 12 is very young to be s_xually active, but i know norms have changed over time. you just don't want to have a child this young, seriously. so get on the pill ASAP. good luck!


!>__<! - February 10

what is wrong with women and young girls these days s_x at 12!!!! single mothers in school...i guess u can blame the parents! parents taught me NO s_x OR BABIES TILL MARRIAGE!! and i did just that. my sis was the opposite, parents didnt teach her that, and now shes a single mother with a fatherless child. so u can now say ITS THE PARENTS FAULT!!!! im sorry but these days its all about whos my baby's daddy and hes gonna pay for the baby (when really its he'll pay for the mother nails to be done and the expensive handbag she wants) when the lady already has 4 kids at home fatherless...WOMEN JUST KEEP YOUR LEGS SHUT TILL MARRIAGE ITS NOT HARD BUY A VIBRATOR IF U HAVE TO!!!!!!


Erin - February 10

Dam girl right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anna - February 10

Who was that to Erin?


omg - February 10

Are ya forgetting it takes TWO people to make a baby!


Ann a - February 10

so far no one answered my question can some one please tell me whether they think i am or not pregnant??!


melissa - February 10

Listen to yourselves. This is a forum for people to get advice not to be put down. Anna is very young we all know that but things happen. Like jb, think if this was you're daughter would you talk to her like that. I'd hope not because she'd never come to you with anything. My advice to Anna would be to see a doctor. If you used protection like you said then you're chances of being pregnant are very slim. Talk to your parents, let them know that you used protection. And, since you are s_xually active, see if you can take birth control pills. Best of luck to you. To everyone else, lighten up, this young girl needs help and we as adults should try to help not put her down! Give it a rest!


Anna - February 10

Melissa, Thank you very much you are a very nice person you helped me a lot. Also thank you for sticking up for me. I think thst being pregnant is all in my head thats why I think I am pregnant. Once again Thank you


Emma - February 10

You said your period is due 15 to 20th - so the fact it hasnt come yet is not a drama. It is unlikely you would be feeling any symptoms of pregnancy yet, and anything you are feeling is probably related to anxiety, or like you said, flu. Don't take any more tests - go with someone older who you can trust and see a doctor, they are probably best placed to help you. If you are able to, tell your mother, or an older woman who won't give you too much of a hard time. If you are not pregnant, be grateful, you are very very young for such a momentous life changing event as to become a mother. If you are pregnant, you have some very tough choices to make, but I dont believe at 12 years old you should have to make them alone so your doctor will be there to guide you if there are no other adults in your life you can rely upon. Finally Anna, if you are not pregnant, and intend to continue being s_xually active, I would suggest you get on the pill, but also, never have s_x without a condom - a baby is not the worst thiong you can get from s_x - you could get a s_xually transmitted disease, of worst of all, HIV . Please consider not having s_x for a couple more years - you will be in a much better position to handle the things that come with s_x when you are older. Please take care of yourself whatever happens.


Melissa - February 10

You're welcome Anna and good luck. Take care of yourself. Pregnancy is not the only thing that happens from s_x you know. There's alot of diseases out there so always use protection. Best of luck to you!



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