Im 21 And Think I Iam But To Scared To Find Out

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Kimberly Ann - November 9

I'm not sure if I am pregnant or not - have some symptoms i dont know how late i am... late with my period, i have very sore br___t, mood swings, very tired all the time, hungry all the time, discharge, i have gained 10 pounds, headache, and frequent urination..well i also have MS..Multiple Sclerosis... im just scared cuz i'll lose my boyfriend.. i had a one night stand and he busted inside me..then i got back 2gether with kevin... im scared he'll leave me.. what do i do?? i didnt take a test yet.. maybe im just stressing..and im making it late..i dono what u think??


Colleen - November 9



Audrey - November 9

First thing to do is calm down, you have to think about your health more than anything else. From your description, it's likely that you are pregnant, but a home test within a week of a missed period will indicate for sure. If you are, see your doctor. A woman with MS can have a normal pregnancy with a bit of extra care.


Viv - November 9

Kimberly, we feel for you in your predicament. I expect you realize you are doing the denial thing. Not taking the test will not make a pregnancy go away. If you have put on 10 pounds you may be well into the first trimester. Of course you are worried about who is the father and how or whether to tell Kevin about the possibilities. If you have no good record of your dates, an ultrasound at the end of the first trimester (no later) can be used to determine fetal age, and you can decide what to tell Kevin as a result. If this is something you can't afford, your first task is to confirm the pregnancy, second is to tell Kevin you are pregnant and see how he reacts, and third to decide whether to tell him about your misgivings. If he loves you enough to stick by you carrying his child, he will love you enough to stick by you carrying the child conceived during a temporary break-up.


bump - November 9




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