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preggoplease - January 23

to SODA!!!! I know soda is bad for the baby, but I just can't seem to go without it. I have to have my caffine. I probably drink about 3 20oz sodas a day. Either pepsi or dr. pepper. So does anyone have a suggestion that could help me give up the caffine? Thank you.


sarahd - January 23

Can you switch first to non-caffeinated soda? Soda in general isn't great for the baby either (or you for that matter) with all that sugar in there... good luck!


MammaJL - January 23

I have the same problem but my poison of choice is diet pepsi....I swear it's like crack lol.


preggoplease - January 23 an idiot...i cant believe i didn't think of that before. thank you sarah!


time4more - January 23

warning...... caffeine withdrawel headaches combined with preg hormones are NOT FUN..... cut back SLOWLY....i switched to diet cream soda when i was pregnant but that was because it was the only thing that helped my nausea.... ginger ale made it ten times worse!! good luck preggo! :o)


gaudior - January 23

I've been drinking grape juice with club soda in it... it "feels" like a soda without all the sugar/corn syrup. Maybe if you do the same with prune juice it would be somewhere close to Dr Pepper? As for the caffeine, I can't really help. I still find myself sneaking little cups of my husband's coffee. I do recommend that you wean yourself off it: going cold turkey can give you brutal headaches. You have my empathy: it's hard to give it up when pregnancy's tired and sleepys are kicking in!


indenial - January 23

I love my caffeine-free diet Dr. Pepper. The diet tastes different, but not nasty and all it has is sodium.


preggoplease - January 23

Thank you ladies for all of the suggestions. That definitly helped me. Let's hope it works! I don't think DF will wanna put up with me when I going through caffine withdrawls and have raging hormones. =)


LIN - January 23

Please put posts like this over on the first trimester board.


preggoplease - January 23

LIN please don't come here and say stuff like that. It is not that big of a deal if I ask a question like that on this board. Maybe if I asked a question like "When do you guys think I'll start showing?" or "Is it normal to have alot of discharge during a pregnancy?" (by the way, these are just examples, don't really want to know that=]). And it would be like me coming to your thread about ur f*ckity f*ck f*ck clomid post and saying "Please go to the 'problems getting pregnant' thread for that". But I don't because I have more respect than to do that. I have a good relationship with most these girls, and maybe when I see them getting there BFP's then we can all head our happy b___ts that way, but for now, no, SORRY!


preggoplease - January 23

P.S. If you don't like the posts then move on to others and stay out of mine (or anyone else for that matter who asks a question similar to mine on THIS board). It's not like I'm asking this question to a bunch of women who have NEVER been pregnant, several have been pregnant and I'm sure they don't mind answering my question (like they have already) without telling me to move on to another board.


angela1986 - January 23

Girl this may sound so cheesy, but i know you can quit drinking it all together. I was ADDICTED to mt dew, i mean like you are now and i smoked ciggs, and just knowing this little one is growing inside of me was just enough. I hope it is for you too. I switched to milk, juice, and water. And its been pretty good, not even with drawls. Good luck sweetie though you can do it.


krissy2006 - January 23

Just my opinion here and I know it probably counts for didly squat, but I think this is a great thread for the ttc board because in all reality all of us ttc should quit our bad habbits before conceiving, such as; caffeine soda, coffee, smoking, high sugar foods, and probably a bunch of other stuff! I myself used to be a diet pepsi junkie until I went to Mexico where they don't have diet anything!!!!! So I got stuck on regular coke. Now I know that is just horrible for my body and any potential baby. So now I am drinking sprite because it is not caffeinated and I don't drink diet, because I figure between the two evils, natural sugar is better for my potential baby than the chemicals in diet. Just my opinion, ideas and experiences. :) Hope we can all learn something and make our ttc experience BETTER!!


krissy2006 - January 23

Ok, maybe not NATURAL sugar, but refined natural sugar as opposed to Aspartame and all the c___p they put in diet that could clean the rust out of a car engine. :)~


jodie - January 23

Hey preggoplease. I agree that you should slowly ween yourself off of it. That way you don't get the headaches. Or try mixing soda water (club soda) with a fruit juice if it's the carbonation you crave. There are also those yummy natural soda's like Hansen's soda. I have cut down to one cup of coffee a day for this pregnancy so far...and I am trying to fill up on water. Some days I will down ton's of water...other days only like a bottle. Good luck with your addiction..hehehe!


preggoplease - January 23

Oh and that was to LIN not you ladies who posted as I was writing that big long post. Sorry =] Thank you Krissy and Jodie! This is helping alot. And it's really nice to hear that I am not the only one with a caffine addiction! lol. You girls are great thanks again!


time4more - January 24

Lin.... I greatly value your expertise and totally empathize with the stressful situation you are going through.....but in all honesty, you are on a site that is pregnancy related. You are going to see people talking about pregnancy. I know that you realize that no one is trying to rub your face in their pregnancy and that you can't help but feel the way you do..... but, um, asking pregnant people not to post is sort of against the point of this entire website. I also hope you realize that I am in no way trying to fight, but am just raising a valid point.



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